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Friday, June 22, 2018


Today I will comment on the article in today's Waterloo Region Record titled "Retired superintendent joins police lawsuit". Oh boy I've been wondering where Supt. Rita Westbrook was at. Now we know. She has stepped forward and out of retirement to speak up about the treatment she received courtesy of the Waterloo Regional Police. She has joined the class action lawsuit against the Waterloo Regional Police Service and the Police Board. That's right the civilian "oversight" Police Board. What a joke they are and thank you Waterloo Region Council and councillors for that. Also a special thanks needs to go to the female regional councilors who have ever sat on the civilian Police Board and looked the other way. If memory serves there was one female regional councillor however who was alleged to have been rude to a police officer present at a Police Board meeting. I believe that his allegations went nowhere. I always wondered what she could possibly have said to him. Maybe a crack about policemen and Tim Horton's doughnuts? Maybe an honest and incisive criticism about police behaviour that he wasn't willing to accept from a female? Hard to say.

Supt. Westbrook in today's story has listed several juvenile, nasty and rude behaviours that she had to put up with during her career. She will be a huge addition to the class action lawsuit especially because she did rise through the ranks. One has to understand that likely the in your face comments from peers and subordinates decreased as her rank rose but apparently not from her so called "superiors". Sometimes "superiors" may be interpreted as superior assholes. What has become painfully obvious to all except the willingly blind and deaf is that gender discrimination was not just tolerated but encouraged through the ranks and from the top. That is to the everlasting shame of those males at the top who participated either actively or tacitly. The title in reference to Police especially applies to the Chief and all the senior management team. In regards to lawyers I can hardly not gloat about psuedo Woolwich Township mayor Sandy Shantz's lawyer, James Bennett, garnering some more negative press. I believe he lied about me as has his client Sandy Shantz. He lied about the class action suit according to Supt. Westbrook. I understand that this is a civil suit and will be settled likely out of court. That is a shame because these liars, hypocrites, bullies and overall lousy people need to be publicly exposed. After all if they settle privately there will be a confidentiality clause allowing the guilty to continue to do what they do best. LIE. Then we the public will continue to be inflicted by incompetent and ignorant senior police, police Boards and regional politicians.

Monday, June 18, 2018


Well, well,well. It sure looks to me that there is an imbalance in the criminal justice system. That imbalance has historically favoured the Crown ie. the prosecution side. What however is most bizarre is how our courts have been able to produce guilty beyond a reasonable doubt verdicts in murder cases where there wasn't any crime committed. Bad enough that anyone was charged with murder (usually mothers) in the case of a young child or infant suddenly passing away but to be able to manipulate the evidence and the "facts" to get a murder conviction when after the fact it has now been determined that many of the cases called murders by Dr. Charles Taylor were absolutely no such thing. His expert opinion was favoured by prosecutors because he so strongly insisted that so many child deaths were murder based entirely upon either his incompetence, arrogance or willingness to support the Crown in their prosecution of the child's caregiver. Truly horrific stupidity and even worse when it took both his colleagues and the system so long to realize what complete horseshit the verdicts were based upon. What a mockery of our so called justice system when common sense can be so easily trumped by voodoo science or medicine.

The K-W Record carried a story titled "Ontario coroner to review undetected homicides-all the way back to Tammy Homolka". The question for me is whether this is simply Crown prosecutors drumming up business or whether it truly is about getting to the truth. Even having to ask the question is an indication that this citizen has a healthy contempt for our government bureaucracies and oftentimes their motives.

Thursday, June 7, 2018


I'm at a loss as to figure out why. Why do Police Officers, especially apparently Waterloo Regional Police Officers get into so much legal trouble? Were the individuals bad hires in the first place by the brain trust down at Police headquarters or is there something else going on? Are these all different officers over the years and decades or is it the same bad apples coming back again and again but we the paying public aren't allowed to see their past records and judge for ourselves? Therefore are these officers repeat offenders who should have been fired long ago or are they acting out based upon intolerable conditions of their employment?

Again in today's Waterloo Region Record we learn that an officer (unnamed this time) has been charged with uttering threats. The officer is a thirty year veteran of the force. He is to appear in court in Woodstock later this month. I guess I find it difficult to understand how trained police officxers who should no better apparently don't. That said at this point it is only allegations and charges. Is it possible that certain officers who aren't either part of the clique or popular face a different standard when it comes to facing charges? I repeat I'm at a loss but this does not speak well to either the professionalism or to the administration of our police force. The title of the very small article in the Record is "Police officer charged with uttering threats".

Saturday, June 2, 2018


Firstly there is a court date of June 18, 2019 at the Brampton Courthouse in regards to the class action lawsuit filed against the Waterloo Regional Police, the Union and the Police Services Board by a number of female officers. This needs to be attended by any and all media possible. That said has anyone noticed the outstanding vacuum in the media since this suit was filed last summer?

Secondly there has been a second lawsuit filed by another Regional Police Officer. Gather around Regional Councillors and line up to show where you really stand on the disgusting behaviour alleged in these lawsuits, both recently and going back decades.

Friday, June 1, 2018


Sorry folks but although retired I'm working almost full time writing a book about the Elmira Water Crisis in 1989. I expect I'll be back here off and on but clearly it's been more off than on this past month.

Alan Marshall

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Imagine that. Ontario's top court (Ontario Court of Appeal) actually decided that a cop killer needed to face the music. By a cop killer I of course mean a cop with a gun who murdered a boy suffering from a drug reaction. Officer Forcillo gunned down Sammy Yatin on a Toronto streetcar back in 2013. The streetcar was empty and the troubled teen never left the streetcar while walking back and forth on it while brandishing a small knife. His crime was in disobeying an officer of the law who apparently believes that either mentally disturbed individuals or the hearing impaired deserve to die for not following verbal orders from police officers. News flash, so far not yet in Canada is the death penalty legally available to these people.

Forcillo's lawyer is hinting that they might seek leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. Good luck with that. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know that shooting a young man three times and then after he's fallen, shooting him again five or six times is a criminal act. Perhaps Forcillo and lawyer are hoping that the Supreme Court are as stupid as he is. The article was in yesterday's Waterloo Region Record and is titled "Ontario's top court upholds Forcillo conviction".

Friday, April 20, 2018


It's not just the evidence and nothing but the evidence. It's more about the scope of the trial and what you can get excluded from ever being part of the trial. This is what the lawyers for the regional Police and the civilian Police Services Board are now attempting. Today's Waterloo Region Record carries the following story titled "Prof's evidence to proceed in police lawsuit". It appears that a University of Waterloo prof who consulted with Chief Bryan Larkin on various matters will get her day in court. The Force's lawyers wanted her testimony denied at trial claiming that she was either unqualified or her opinions irrelevant on matters directly related to female officers who had confided in her about police wrongdoing which she later discussed with the Chief in hopes of improving the situation.

Among other tidbits to which the public are now privy is the one about the senior Regional Police Officer running down the road naked after being caught in a compromising situation with a married woman (not his wife). The Judge decided against allowing that evidence to proceed despite the Plaintiff's lawyers suggesting that it indicated a double standard whereby female officers were disciplined for minor matters whereas senior, male officers were not disciplined even for public, major breeches of either decorum or the law. Imagine that, males in authority actually flagrantly abusing their authority. Who knew? The reality is that human beings in positions of authority with little or no accountability will always abuse that authority in favour of their own perceived interests. Surprise! Surprise!