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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


I mean really, what could possibly go wrong? Do we really trust either our politicians or our federaL or provincial ministries of the Environment? They are not remotely "independent". They work for our respective tiers of government. Our politicians would never lie to us now would they? Right!

Today's article in the Waterloo Region Record is titled "Lake Huron bunker is best: OPG". So who pays the paycheques for senior OPG executives? That's all I need to know to have grave doubts. Allegedly the bedrock near the lake is just dandy. I find it hard to believe that the geology farther from the lake isn't equally good. Yes it may take more time and money but if it lowers the risks to this huge fresh water source it's worth it. This repository is within 1.2 kilometres of Lake Huron. That is way too close. Look elsewhere now.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


On May 16/17 the Waterloo Region Record carried an opinon/article by Martin Regg Cohn titled "Province plans to boost mimimum wage, sweeping labour reforms". Labour Minister Kevin Flynn is spearheading the legislation after a two year review. Both public hearings and private lobbying have shown the harsh divide between labour and the corporate sectoe. Organized labour want legislation allowing easier unionization of workers whereas business are against higher minimum wages and anything whatsoever boosting unionization. In my mind the Liberals are only willing to risk the corporate anger if they are convinced they can capture mass votes by helping out both part time employees as well as contract workers.

Essentially Ontario's economy has been debased with so many second class workers with low wages, minimal if any benefits, zero job security and little or no ability to know their upcoming work schedules until the last moment. It has been uncaring employers' dreams for just such a scenario for decades.

For me the best part of this article is the very last sentence which goes like this: "He (Flynn) notes that many business owners who demand flexibility to hire and fire part-timers while paying them less admit to personal frustration that their grown children live at home because they can't find steady work.".

Friday, May 26, 2017


I'm talking about Superior Court Justice Susanne Goodman. Apparently she is unable or unwilling to carry out her duties properly. The article in today's Waterloo Region Record is titled "Top court blasts judge's conduct, quashes verdict". The verdict was a not guilty one in the case of a man charged with beating and sexually assaulting a woman. Her injuries when police arrived included severe bruising, swelling, numerous cuts and bleeding to her face and head. The victim testified that she had lived with the man and he had been assaulting her over a period of months. He denied the accusations.

The judge acquitted him at the end of the trial and indicated that her written reasons would follow on a certain date. They did not. Over the next six months prosecutors repeatedly asked for them and were told that they would be produced on a certain date. Again they were not. The Appeal Court has overturned the not guilty verdict and ordered a new trial. They have also advised that this situation has occurred previously with this judge and a new trial ordered then as well.

So my first question is this. If the judge had produced as promised written reasons for her decision would that have been the end of it regardless? Regardless of legal considerations, common sense or a just plain appropriate verdict flowing from the evidence presented? So is the issue the lack of written reasons period or is it that she made a really horrible decision that cannot remotely be justified whatever her reasons might be? Finally is it possible that she intentionally sabotaged her not guilty verdict hoping to allow the prosecution a second kick at the can?

My second question is this. If she is incompetent for whatever reason why did it take her failing to produce promised written reasons twice before the Appeal Court are saying no more? Are judges able to produce injustice as long as they follow the proper process? Also while you can have the Crown step up and object to either an allegedly poor decision or process, what happens when the defendant can not afford to hire legal representation for an appeal of an allegedly poor decision? Especially the same thing in civil cases. Here in Waterloo Region we have some horrible judges that frankly aren't fit to judge a dog much less a human being. Where is their accountability?

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Well it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of egocentric, self-important bubbleheads. Is it any wonder that our institutions are so totally unaccountable when those in charge (politicians) have spent their careers ensuring that they are non-transparent and unaccountable?

Here's a little list of recent published stories and opinions regarding our Mounties. Waterloo Region Record May 16, 2017 : "Bullying thrives at RCMP: report". May 17, 2017: "RCMP needs civilian managers " and finally today May 25/17: "RCMP sex harassment suit nears settlement".

All three of these tell us far too much concerning the poisoned work environment, disrespect towards women in general and overall stupidity and incompetence by the senior RCMP (male) management. Maybe it's no wonder that we have the likes of a Cambridge Councillor recently described as a man hater.

It's been my overall experience that there are an equal number or percentage of rotten to the core males as females and vice versa. Similarly there are deeply honest and ethical males and females. Believing or describing either gender as all good or all bad is a prescription for disaster. That said I'm going to show my real bias here. It's not fair that 95% of politicians give all the rest a bad name.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Twenty years ago everybody still seemed to buy into the all teachers are great professionals nonsense. Nowadays not so much. This latest story isn't going to help them one little bit. Today's Waterloo Region Record has a story titled "Jump in teachers' sick days affecting students, report warns". The sub-title is "Union blames stress levels; boards hit with extra costs".

The problem for teachers and their unions credibility of course is that this jump has been going on since the province removed teachers' ability to bank unused sick days for a cash payout at retirement. Public board high school teachers have the lowest increase in sick days since the change in government policy whereas public board elementary teachers have the highest rate of increase in use of sick days since then.

Almost seems in line with the overall state of union aggressiveness and activism. Or one could hardly be blamed for thinking that the sense of entitlement including taking paid sick days when one is not sick is again reflected with the elementary public board teachers being the most unreasonable. No shock to me. Been there and seen it for myself. Not a pretty picture.

Saturday, May 13, 2017


Wow! Now this is even beyond blatant. The Halton Police Chief has stated that charges are pending against a uniformed police officer after an investigation into their police drug "vault" is concluded. Apparently 36 drug samples out of 2,185 in lock-up have been tampered with. Clearly the ramifications are huge not only for the accused in all 36 cases but possibly for many more. The whole premise of evidence in police custody is that there is a chain of custody and that evidence simply is not tampered with much less handled by anyone other than those strictly authorized to do so and they must sign for that evidence if they are re-examining it. This is a huge black eye to the professionalism and integrity of this particular police force. The article in today's Waterloo Region Record is titled "Fears over drug vault jolt police, lawyers." However there appears to be a slightly different title and story on-line right now.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Howard Sapers has been a spokesperson on behalf of inmates for a very long time. Currently he is Ontario's adviser for corrections reform. He is calling for an end to indefinite segregation of inmates plus with no more than 15 continuous days and no more than 60 days in any given year. Finally it should not be used for protective custody and in fact should only be used rarely or in exceptional circumstances. His concern is the normalization and routine use of isolation or segregation. Allegedly the provincial government will be introducing new legislation in the fall with among other things a clearer definition of segregation. This article was in last Friday's Waterloo Region Record and titkled "Ontario's corrections adviser urges an end to indefinite segregation".

Friday, May 5, 2017


Fair enough the Judge got it right. The woman was charged with Mischief for giving water to pigs on a truck bound for the slaughterhouse. The Judge found her not guilty. He stated that she had not interfered with anyone's property. Even the Director of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture admitted that the woman's behaviour was well-intentioned although he felt that "it was a matter of protecting food safety."

Today's Waterloo Region Record carried this article titled "Woman who gave water to pigs found not guilty". I would certainly hope so. There was absolutely zero evidence that either she had bad intentions or that the water was dirty or contaminated. Yes she may have been making a point that livestock could and should be treated better at all stages within the food cycle but that is hardly to be discouraged. My question is why did any Crown Attorney ever feel that charges were appropriate? If she had been attempting to adulterate a soon to be foodstuff for human consumption then that would likely be a matter of mischief. As there was no attempt or even serious suggestion that that was her intent, then why bring charges at all? Was this simply a tad of legal harassment going on in order to satisfy the food industry in this province? Even the Judge suggested that these charges actually backfired and that the pork industry have probably taken a black eye over this entire episode.

Thursday, May 4, 2017


Just look at Donald Trump. With money and power you can say absolutely whatever you want. Then look at Bob Verdun. Without millions and without powerful friends our libel laws can and are successfully used to hammer honest and courageous citizens. Free speech is absolutely a joke. Today's Waterloo Region Record once again appears to delight in Mr. Verdun's legal difficulties. Lest we forget the person he is supposed to have libeled was in a position of authority with Clarica whom I believe purchased the note (debt) held by MFP Financial. Yes that is the company that everybody seems quite O.K. with slamming for their bait & switch over the Rim Park complex with Waterloo Council way back when. Did Clarica have no knowledge as to how the City of Waterloo got swindled?

Bob Verdun and his newspaper in Elmira (The Independent) were instrumental for decades in keeping Woolwich Township informed. They at considerable expense attended all the Environmental Appeal Board hearings in regards to the Uniroyal Chemical environmental disaster in Elmira, Ontario in late 1989. Bob Verdun is not the only one who views himself as a defender of the public interest. I do as do hundreds to thousands of others who are better informed than the writer of the following article in today's Record, titled "With debts mounting, Verdun declares bankruptcy".

Monday, May 1, 2017


Last year the Supreme Court of Canada set maximum time periods for various courts around the country to complete cases that have come to trial. The time frame for cases in provincial courts is 18 months and 30 months for trials in Superior Courts. The average time to complete a trial in Ontario (Superior Court) in 2016 was 32.4 months, 2.4 months in excess of the new maximums allowed.

Another proposed change to speed up court cases is the removal of minimum sentences. "The Canadian Bar Association says more cases end up at a trial when offenders believe negotiating a plea would not result in any change in sentence.". These mandatory minimums imposed by the Conservatives when in power have been blamed for clogging up the courts as everyone pleads not guilty in order to avoid the minimum sentence if convicted.

The Waterloo Region Record article was published April 29/17 and titled "Finding ways to cut court backlogs".