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Friday, March 30, 2012


Yesterday's Waterloo Region Record carrys this story " Light rail study as reliable as a "chimp with a machine gun"". Oh my but this Opinion piece by Peter Shawn Taylor really does make our Regional politicians look like a bunch of hicks with inflated egos. First off let me say that normally I find Mr. Taylor's politics a little to the right of mine. That being said I'd have to have a pretty closed mind not to find common ground of agreement with most people on at least some subjects. What Mr. Taylor is pointing out is that using a system called "multiple account evaluation" politicians are able to justify "empirically" just about any hair brained scheme to squander taxpayer funds that you can imagine. Mr Taylor quotes research done by Jeff Outhit of the Record which shows the difficulties that Provincial Ministry of Transportation planners had in obtaining straightforward information from the Region of Waterloo regarding their proposed Light Rail Transit (LRT). In a nutshell it appears as other commenters have suggested that the Regional politicians are more interested in being seen as innovaters and leaders by pursuing "legacy" projects that they can retire from politics with their names on. EGO is thy name and combined with POWER & AUTHORITY is what politics is all about.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Trouble is they were given women by their superiors and it went over like a wet blanket. Just look around, it's everywhere. Women are now hired as police officers, firepersons, outdoor city public works crews and on and on. The bosses like to call it non traditional employment for women. I worked on a public works crew with female employees. The bosses like it for two reasons: it made them look like progressives and the unionized men were more likely to work harder to avoid being shown up by the women. Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys this story "Female Mounties stand by claims of sexual harassment". Interestingly overall the men and the wives of the male workers didn't care for the idea. The actual female workers appreciated a different style job as well as the money and benefits that went with it. None of then appreciated the treatment they were given by their male colleagues.

What it boils down to is this. It's a great idea if done with intelligent, honest motives. If it's nothing more than a public relations show then forget it. Also buy in from the male employees is necessary before the start. If senior management inflict the idea on especially a unionized rank and file it won't work and everybody loses. Group behaviour can be very immature and will focus on those that are different. In this context that is women in a traditional and predominantly male environment. Along with early buy in management must make the new employees feel comfortable and part of the team. If this means discipline of those males whose behaviour is outrageous then so be it. I saw behaviour that in a high school environment would get a male student expelled. These were fourty year old men with wives and daughters at home and it was the middleaged men who behaved the worst, not the younger ones.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Thursday March 22, 2012 the Waterloo Region Record carried a large Insight article on page A15, written by Gwynn Morgan and titled "Students deserve quality teaching". This opinion/insight piece is very compelling with a number of examples of teachers' unions
being at the root of the problem regarding too many of our students leaving high school with inferior educations. Apparently in British Columbia it's even gotten to the point that the union insists that for example a history teacher with seniority is more appropriate to teach math then a newer teacher with a University Mathematics degree plus teachers' college. As Mr. Gwynn states "Welcome to the escalating international battle over entrenched union roadblocks to students gaining the knowledge needed for them , and their country, to succeed.". I would add that it was our school boards and their focus on everything but quality education which literally gave these powers to the teachers unions through the bargaining process. There is nothing wrong with bargaining provided the Board's goal is a legitimate one and not to have a sweetheart deal with the unions for their mutual benefit while leaving the students out in the cold.

Monday, March 26, 2012


This is the lead Editorial in today's Waterloo Region (K-W) Record " Unjam RCMP's records backlog ". The poor old Mounties are into it again. The Mounties over the last five years have been brought crashing down to earth. It seems as if once again it might not be the cream that rises to the top of human organizations. Apparently that which floats to the top of ponds at your local sewage treatment plant is exactly the same as that which rises to the top in many of our so called professional organizations. Could it be that even the Mounties and other police organizations are run by manipulative, politicking, self aggrandizing individuals? Gee sort of like our public school boards.

In this instance apparently the resources of the Mounties seemed to have slipped from frontline policing requirements and needs to somewhere else. They have been behind in posting criminal convictions to CPICS (Canadian Police Information Centre). They haven't been behind just recently or even a little behind. There were called on this backlog three years ago and they still haven't fixed it. Apparently Judges and Crown Attorneys rely on this information when it comes sentencing time for convicted persons. Apparently hardened criminals with extensive criminal records are getting lighter sentences because the Courts don't have up to date information regarding prior criminal convictions. Unbelievable ! Our judicial system is that badly organized and run. Perhaps before the federal Conservatives pass more "get tough on crime" legislation they might want to invest time and effort into maintaining the sytem they've already got.


This is just plain nasty. Two days ago the Waterloo Region (K-W) Record carried the following story: " B.C. Mountie found guilty of obstructing justice in motorcyclist's death". Cpl. Monty Robinson seems to have missed the training lecture on ethics. What's worse, to date, two human beings are dead quite possibly as a result of his moral failures. This officer was the one in charge during the "...deadly confrontation with Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver's airport." Since then he's gone on to further distinguish his policing career by being involved in the death of a motorcyclist after consuming alcohol. The Judge ruled that Cpl. Robinson's behaviour immediately after that were "...wilful and deliberate in his attempt to cover up his actions in connection to the death of a young motorcyclist.". The officer left the scene of the accident which was two blocks from his home, put his children to bed, drank two vodkas and then went back to the scene of the accident. The purpose of the two vodkas was to jeopardize any attempt to suggest that he was impaired from the beer he'd had prior to the accident. Currently the Mounties are deciding whether or not Mr. Robinson is made of the right stuff to continue as a Mountie. Such a difficult decision this should not be.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Well I guess that's news. It did however take a complaint from the Chief Prosecutor to the Ontario Judicial Council to get this case to the Appeals Court. Clearly the Appeals Court were very unimpressed with Superior Court Judge Howard Chisvin. Here's a news flash. This particular Judge is not the only one who thinks he has the right to behave in a stupid, arrogant and pompous fashion. After all Judges are human beings and subject to all the foibles therein. Unfortunately like far too many politicians, police officers and teachers they are essentially unaccountable and get away with all kinds of stupid behaviour. Woop do do one of them got caught. The Appeals Court in today's Waterloo Region (K-W) Record under the title "Appeal Court criticizes impatient judge" said the following: " It is clear that the trial judge had no power to make the order that he purported to make," "It was illegal and abuse of judicial authority". O.K. now I understand. If the good judge abuses his authority to the detriment of the Crown then the Appeals Court will jump in. Tell me this: if the judge abuses his authority to the detriment of a private citizen or a defendant in a case; then upon whose authority or even money will justice prevail? Why do I think that unless you're Conrad Black and loaded you are going to have to take whatever crap the judge of the day feels like throwing at you? This particular judge more than likely has misbehaved badly before but this time he did it to the wrong folks. GOOD! That's what accountability is supposed to be all about. This idiot judge released guilty criminals and reversed their convictions because an assistant crown attorney was a few minutes late getting back from a break. Shame on the judge and I hope the release of his name does even more to smarten him up in the future than the Appeal Court's ruling.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Even totally unaccountable bodies like the Waterloo Regional Police don't like reading negative things about themselves. Similar to the School Board they thrive on unaccountability while using puffery to pretend to the public that they are 100% wholesome and good. Today's Woolwich Observer newspaper carrys the following small story/notice titled "Police looking for public's input about how they do their job". It's pretty obvious to me that all the media attention to the Jesse Sansone case has rattled Waterloo's finest as well it should. Also of interest was a protest held outside the downtown Kitchener Police Station yesterday by members of the Spot Collective and others. This action can be read about on a Blog titled JulianIchim.

The community consultation is scheduled for March 21, 2012 from 7-9 pm. to be held at police headquarters on 200 Maple Grove Rd. Cambridge. Comment is also invited at and via telephone at 519-650-8500 ext. 8888 .

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Now if they did that and got caught there would hopefully be criminal charges laid against the Police. October 7, 1991 a sweetheart deal was consumated between Uniroyal Chemical and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. Some have called the M.O.E. our environmental police. To date I have not had much to say about the M.O.E. here on this blog. Today will be the exception.

Many environmental activists were born in Elmira, Ontario after the drinking wells were shut down due to industrial contamination in 1989. Some literally have passed on since then, others have retired from activism and a very few of us keep soldiering on. About five weeks ago a document surfaced known as the Settlement Agreement. This agreement between Uniroyal, now known as Chemtura, and the Ministry of the Environment (M.O.E.) is only partially a description of the proposed cleanup of the Uniroyal/Chemtura site in Elmira. More than that it is a complete legal and financial Release (Indemnity) from all liabilty for contaminated soil and groundwater on Uniroyal's site. This Release does specify that Uniroyal/Chemtura are only indemnified for known contamination as of October 1991.

The hypocrisy in this document is overwhelming. It was kept secret from the public for over twenty years. It was written and signed while an Environmental Appeal Board hearing was underway trying to determine who was responsible for the cleanup of the Elmira Aquifers. There were six parties to this hearing yet two of them (M.O.E. & Uniroyal) managed with their sweetheart agreement to shut it down. After the Appeal Board left; the M.O.E. through Woolwich Township stated that they wanted the public involved in discussions and consultation around the various options and choices that could be used to clean both the Uniroyal site and the Elmira Aquifers. The M.O.E. didn't bother to advise the Uniroyal Public Advisory Committee that the cleanup was already a done deal. They didn't bother to advise that Uniroyal Chemical had a legal Indemnity and that they couldn't be forced into doing one thing more than was listed in the Settlement Agreement. My estimate is that Uniroyal/Chemtura literally saved hundreds of millions of dollars with this agreement. The M.O.E. saved face by not having evidence of all the other unsupervised polluters brought forth in glorious detail at the Environmental Appeal Board hearing. The public got lied to, deceived and manipulated.

One of the biggest issues was around a class of chemicals known as DNAPLS or dense non-aqueous phase liquids. These are in the subsurface in many areas on the Uniroyal site and are and were contributing to the destruction of the municipal drinking water aquifer. They were known to be present beneath the west side operating ponds at Uniroyal. This Settlement Agreement(sweetheart deal) effectively removed them surrepticiously from any kind of a cleanup . We literally have had twenty years of various DNAPL investigations all of which were shams. The M.O.E. and Uniroyal/Chemtura working together undermined any and all attempts to legitimately investigate and report on this class of chemical compounds. Now they've been found out and to date they've gone to their standard defence which is obfuscation and muddying of the waters. There will be a debate/discussion at the first public CPAC meeting in four months. That will occur on Thursday March 29/12, 6 pm. in Woolwich Council Chambers. This whole Alleged cleanup has always been more political than environmental. The guilty parties and their political supporters have and continue to run interference for them.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


The older I get the more I realize that the inmates are running the asylum. Who the hell makes decisions like these and based on what? Where is the reasoned, public debate? Where are the studies or reports indicating the need? Who are these decision makers accountable to? This is not democracy. This is what goes on in third world dictatorships and police states.

Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys this story: "New halls of justice will be modern, secure". Get a drift of these following quotes: "The new courthouse may not be as secure as Fort Knox, but the huge amount of concrete alone makes for a solid, bunker-style building that's close to indestructible". And: "I pity the guy who tries to knock this building down".... It's been designed to withstand multiple assaults and explosions without flattening". Further: "Security features have been built in to prevent catastrophic events , such as someone trying to ram the building with a vehicle". Further security includes "Almost 500 video cameras (which) will monitor activity on every floor, in every cell, the loading dock area and even outside the building where people mingle and vandals could do damage at night". There will be screening inside the building such as "with magnetometers used to detect concealed guns or other metallic weapons".

Perhaps these next quotes may shed some light: "The building has a cellblock almost four times bigger than the prisoner holding area in kitchener's provincial courthouse at Frederick and Lancaster streets. The 20,000 -square-foot cellblock will hold 151 prisoners, although Bullock estimates only abiout half the space will be used on many days.".

There is a saying dealing with tourism: "Build it and they will come". Do our authorities have some knowledge of the future that we don't? Is the air going to become so toxic that ordinary citizens will fall victim to mass violent behaviour? Is Osama Bin Laden still alive and planning on attacking Kitchener? If so we'll be ready for him and any other wild eyed radical terrorists that our Federal government allows into this country. "Eternal vigilance is the price of security". Then why do I feel so insecure the more I read about my tax dollars going towards this idiocy? Who should the citizens of Canada really be afraid of? Why am I becoming more afraid of the authorities and the police than I am of criminals? What the hell is going on?

Thursday, March 8, 2012


The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario recently walked out of talks with the province. Apparently our "Education Premier" has finally realized that politics aside, he and the Province can no longer afford ridiculously high teachers' wages and benefits. Fifty years ago the School Boards and the Province had no difficulty imposing low wages, high expectations and tyrannical rules on teachers. Basically they laid the groundwork for a strong, aggressive and hostile union. As somebody once said "Companies get the unions they deserve." In this case the "company" is the province and the School Board. By the way when I say that the Premier and the Province can no longer afford our teachers, what I really mean is that we the taxpayers can't afford them. We never could anytime within the last twenty years plus but we did it anyways.

Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys an Opinion piece from Luisa D'Amato titled "Teachers' sick leave bonus passe". Luisa rightly points out that our "Education Premeier" has been the teachers best friend for a long time. Under his watch wages and benefits have risen dramatically and they were already excellent to start with. The top rate for a senior public school teacher here in Waterloo Region is $94,500. I'm sorry but I've met teachers who are excellent and they aren't worth that much. As far as the rest go they are self important, dogmatic, intolerant individuals with a much too strong sense of entitlement. They've been told for so long by their union that the sun shines out of their butts that they've come to believe it. That combined with their employers lack of accountability and hundreds of millions of dollars in their budgets which they freely misuse on legal advice and protection, and you have a system that is out of control. There isn't very much that I agree with Conservatives on but this is one item that I do.

One of the final straws in this unsustainable scenario is the ability of teachers to cash in accumulated sick days when they retire. They receive twenty paid sick days per year. If they aren't sick twenty days a year then they accumulate. Twenty-five or thirty years later they retire and get a cash payout of up to half a years salary (ie. $94,500).
Suck it up teachers, just like the rest of us who are paying your inflated salaries and benefits.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


It's been sixteen years since I first learned that the Waterloo Regional Police and the Waterloo Region District School Board were in bed together. This somewhat disgusting and horribly revolting menage a deux may actually be a menange a trois if we were to add CAS (Children's Aid Society), otherwise known as Family and Childrens' Services to the mix. Now I'm the first to admit that my knowledge of CAS/FCS is very limited. In regards to the WRDSB (Board) and WRPS (cops) I feel on a stronger footing. I've had personal dealings with both of them and overall would rate them as nasty, brutal, ignorant, arrogant and unaccountable. Most recently my knowledge of CAS/FCS has come from stories primarily in the Waterloo Region Record. These stories have included comments and quotes from CAS/FCS which have had the strong odour of self righteousness and arrogance. Nevertheless, thank God my dealings with them have not been first hand or personal. Therefore I'm going to remove, at least for now, CAS/FCS from any discussion of menage a deux or trois.

For the record I have met a number of individual police officers who were calm, cool, collected and professional. That has been a relief as these are the front line people dealing with the public. It is the police hierarchy and management that are the problem. Similarily I have over my educational experience as well as that of my two children met individual teachers who were inspiring and just plain awesome. I can even admit to meeting one Principal who still had principles. That would be Mr. Helmut Tinnes at Conestogo Public School. All the rest at the public school level I hold in varying levels of contempt.

Similarily to the Jessie Sansone case I found many teachers and Principals to be uncooperative, unreasonable and frankly paranoid in a self serving way. Their paranoia including playing the child safety card was simply a method to avoid discussion or debate. They were totally unwilling to engage in frank and honest discussion on a level playing field and this was only exacerbated when they took simple, straighforward issues into the judicial system. This they did specifically to avoid dealing with them honestly and openly. At court they sucessfully (most of the time) hid behind their lawyers and their financial resources. Throughout this the Waterloo Regional Police acted as their personal blockers and bodyguards. This despite the fact there never was the slightest physical aggression or threats from myself towards anyone. The Police at the senior levels throughout acted unprofessionally. Their behaviour was juvenile and manipulative from the start and they were clearly behaving as if they were Pinkerton guards hired by a private company. Their decisions to repeatedly charge me with trespass when I showed up at normal parent/teacher or parent/school functions were outrageous , improper and I believe illegal. Eventually it was the Crown Prosecuter's office who put an end to the Police harassment of myself. Police harassment at the bidding of the WRDSB. The Crown advised the Regional Police in writing that they the Crown would no longer prosecute me for any further Trespass charges laid by them. At that point the Police then so advised the School Board that they the Police would no longer charge me when I appropriately attended school functions with my son. This symbiotic, bed sharing arrangement was finally broken in my case however it appears to have survived to the detriment of other parents who run afoul of School Board tyranny.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This following article was posted on-line this morning on the Elmira Advocate blog/website. Although it is focused on a recently discovered twenty year old plus "sweetheart deal" between the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Uniroyal Chemical (Chemtura), our M.O.E. routinely hand out Releases/Indemnitys to major polluters.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our courts may be hypocrites but at least they say the right things such as "Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done." Obviously this is small comfort to the wrongly convicted whose numbers both in Canada and the United States are becoming legion. Imagine when groups like Project Innocence and The Association for the Wrongly Convicted move on to freeing people for wrongful convictions other than murder. Does anyone seriously think our courts screw up so often and so badly only on murder charges?

Getting back to transparency and justice being seen to be done- political and bureaucratic bodies such as our Ontario Ministry of the Environment have a long history of talking out of both sides of their mouths. At the same time as they are either publicly or privately telling citizens and media that they are indeed going to hold the polluter to account, they are privately sitting down and negotiating "deals" to absolve the polluter of liability. These deals must of course be in the interests of the M.O.E.. If they are in the interests of the public that is sheer coincidence.

In the case of the Elmira "water crisis" the public demanded not only a cleanup and restoration of the Elmira Aquifers but that also the guilty parties be held publicly accountable. The "sweetheart deal" of October 7, 1991 not only absolved Uniroyal/Chemtura of all liability it also specifically stated that nothing in the deal was to be interpreted as admissions of guilt or wrongdoing by any party. Incredible. Perhaps Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka should have negotiated such an agreement between themselves. If they had it would have been held up to public ridicule and thrown out as offensive to common decency and morality. EXACTLY AS THE M.O.E. / UNIROYAL DEAL SHOULD BE.

It is therefore with this background that Woolwich Township and Council must break this cycle of secrecy and backroom negotiations. No you do not privately twist the M.O.E.'s arm and blackmail them into paying you off. No you do not twist their arm privately while promising them some face saving out. All that will do is reinforce their dispicable behaviour and ensure it continues. You deal with them publicly. This is exactly why you have CPAC. This is exactly why the M.O.E. lie and deceive the public because they are confident that if caught they can deal privately with the municipality and offer them some of their own taxpayers money back in exchange for confidentiality. Woolwich Council you need to break this cycle. This secrecy is what got us into this mess in the first place. Lift up the rock that the Ontario M.O.E. and polluters have been hiding under and air out their dirty laundry. Be forthcoming with your CPAC and discuss and negotiate at public CPAC meetings with the Ministry. They will scream bloody murder and that is the proof that you are on the right track.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


This she continues to do because one she has nothing else to play and secondly her undesrtanding is that Canadian citizens are far too busy raising families (despite her efforts), earning a living and staying out of trouble with the authorities (precisely because of her efforts). This woman is dangerous, foolish and should be fired yesterday. Tell me Alison, in your professional opinion as a clairvoyant, should you take action if a child draws a picture of baseball bat or a hockey stick? How about a picture of an oven? The young child might be making reference to a Polish crematorium used by the nazis. You are dangerous because you are so stupid, opinionated and unaccountable. Guess why I'm not afraid of you? My children are adults and lilly livered know it alls like you can't touch me about my children.
Lord knows I'm no Tory yet Tim Hudak had it right when he said "I wish we would have seen more from the school board, quite frankly" and also " hear children's aid pat themselves on the back." Apparently the Supreme Court of Canada has prohibited routine strip searches. I guess they forgot to advise the Waterloo Regional Police directly. They continue, with local political support to do as they bloody well please. Your day of reckoning is coming. I was appalled that no parent took a baseball bat or worse to Ron Archer when he was assaulting children and the Waterloo Regional District School Board looked the other way. Every one of those hypocritical, lying bastards should have gone to jail along with Mr. Archer. Your time is also coming. Today's story is on the front page of the Waterloo Region (K-W) Record.Kudos to the Record for continuing to follow this story .

Friday, March 2, 2012


Today's Woolwich Observer gets the prize. Editor Steve Kannon doesn't mince words with the title of his Editorial; " Excuses abound, but there's no justification for Sansone fiasco". Hallelujah ! Someone who gets it and isn't afraid to call a spade a spade. Steve says "More pressing , however is making sure this kind of thing doesn't happen again. In this instance , we have policies that go against the public good: the unreasonable excesses that followed the child's drawing can't be defended on any grounds." Also "... drastic measures were taken in the absence of credible evidence." Steve repeatedly refers to the "chid-safety card" being played by the authorities. Indeed that is exactly what it is, nothing more than a card being played to trump reason and common sense. Steve quotes Thomas Paine (1737-1809) "The greatest tyrannies are always perpetrated in the name of the noblest causes." Finally I'm going to quote Steve's last two paragraphs: "Wising up to the fact that things will get worse unless we make them get better-starting with a proper overhaul rather than butt-covering in the Sansone case, for instance-is the first step to protecting ourselves from creeping erosion of our rights. As James Madison (1751-1836 notes, "I believe there more instances of the abridgement of freedoms of the people by gradual and silent encroachment of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations."

Do not kid yourselves, that is exactly what is going on here and has been going on since after the Second World War. Our monied elites own our politicians and through them want ever increasing power and control over all aspects of society. Steve is right an overhaul is desperately needed and not just with our Police, School Boards and Childrens'Aid.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


All right let's quit dancing around the elephant in the room. Jesse Sansone's picture makes him look like an immigrant. Where he's originally from I have no clue. More importantly than where or who he is, is who he isn't. He is not a teacher or married to one; he is not a police officer etc., he is not a lawyer nor does he work for Family and childrens' Services (CAS). Finally he is not a Doctor. If Jesse Sansone had been any of the above he would never have been treated like crap by the authorities. That's what this is all about. It's called discrimination. When based on religion , skin color, or ethnic background it's obvious to everyone. It's only a little less obvious when it's based on class or financial means. I challenge anyone at the Shool Board , CAS or the Regional police to show me evidence that they report, arrest, charge and incarcerate wealthy parents with priveleged means. Anyone ever arrested who lives in Westmount or Beechwood because some teacher had "serious concerns"?

What our authorities wish to maintain is their privelege to discriminate as they see fit. They want to continue to pick and choose who they bully. Joel Rubinof of the Waterloo Region Record has a story in today's paper. He's been stopped twice and questioned solely based upon his looks ie. scruffy beard, male and unkempt. Funny thing how after he identifies himself and his profession as a newspaper writer, our cops back right off. They don't want to offend somebody who has great access to the public. Jesse however is another class altogether. He's fair game. He in the eyes of teachers, CAS and Police is a nobody. Our idiot premier, Dalton McGuinty has weighed in saying that he supports the officials behaviour. He supports the sincereity of the teacher's concerns. Bullshit. Both opposition parties have made it clear that citizens' rights cannot be trampled on due to nothing more than somebody's "concerns". Investigate first before you arbitrarily arrest, detain, humiliate and even subject a man's family and pregnant wife to harassment and interrogation. This story is at "Premier defends school over dad's arrest". Finally in regards to a teacher's "sincere concerns". I have a sincere concern that this teacher is a complete idiot and a threat to childrens' safety. Please arrest, strip search, charge and hold her in custody immediately. Do not talk to her first. Do not treat her like a human being. Assume she is a threat to children and a criminal and treat her exactly like the authorities treated Jesse Sansone. It will never happen because she has status, power and through her union and Board is unaccountable .