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Saturday, December 31, 2016


The Woolwich Observer has an excellent Editorial done by Steve Kannon titled "Be it resolved: it's the politicians who need to do better". I am only going to quote the last paragraph although the entire Editorial is thought provoking. "In that light, the politicians are the ones who really need the resolutions, actually changing the way they govern. Leaving behind the deceit and actually doing what's right instead of trying to convince us that down is up, the harm they do is advantageous and that changes to benefit the few are good public policy. Now that would be a Christmas miracle.".

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


The December 7/16 Waterloo Region Record carries this story titled "Former coach hopes to bring harmony to school board". I think that's an absolute hoot. What decades ago I figured was a Mom and apple pie institution is no such thing. It is a monolithic, self-serving monstrosity which give lip service to educating children while taking good care of all the other players. Just look at the salaries for "administrators", staff, teachers and their unions.

Mr. Scott MacMillan is a first term trustee and similar to Sandy Shantz was appointed Chair in his first term. I guess that in a position that is all about appearances and where educational experience and expertise really aren't required; that is not a problem. Too many of these trustess are all about personal advancement, often to municipal, provincial and federal politics after they've gotten their name out there for the public to recognize. What a truly pathetic situation. Look around. It's right here in Woolwich, Kitchener-waterloo and Cambridge.

Saturday, December 24, 2016


On Saturday December 17/16 the Waterloo Region Record carried the following article titled "What happens to the working class when millionaires and billionaires are in charge". This article advises us of the cabinet appointments being made by Donald Trunp, president-elect of the United states. Frankly it makes a mockery of his entire election platform namely "make America great again". It is one thing to have a mixture of experiences, assets and interests in a government cabinet. In trump's case however it is a mixture of those with hundreds of millions of dollars and those with thousands of millions (ie. billionaires).

It isn't just blatant self-interest here. Studies have shown that people's opinions are based upon their socio-economic position and class. Things like welfare, minimum wages, guaranteed incomes really don't have much chance. In a nytshell Trump's claims that he is going to reverse the fortunes of the middle class or those who are really struggling seems highly unlikely. That is very sad for those who in desperation voted for "the Donald" to lead them back to prosperity.

Saturday, December 17, 2016


Keep in mind that these clowns running Canada's Armed Forces are too stupid to even follow the laws of the land. If memory serves it was Pierre E. Trudeau who presided over Canada decriminalizing homosexuality yet these bozos continue harassing and discriminating based upon sexual orientation for decades afterwards. The Waterloo Region Record carried the following story on December 9/16 titled "Lesbian leads suit against Forces".

I would be a little interested to know if the discrimination and harassment was greater when the Conservatives were in power, or not. regardless it is shameful, gutless, bullying behaviour.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


This is neither the first nor the last time that police will decide against giving citizens a heads up when there is a local crime spree underway. Afterall they apparently would rather sacrifice a citizen or two rather than inform large numbers of citizens that there are certain crimes that they have great difficulty in catching the culprits much less in preemptively preventing the crime. In this case it was a string of home invasions, auto thefts and robberies some involving violence.

Just after midnight on November 27 a fifteen year old was making the short walk over to his grandparents house in his Hamilton neighbourhood. A car pulled up beside him and he was beaten with a baseball bat by two men. The teen's father has stated that if they knew about this rash of crimes and violence in their neighbourhood they would have driven their son that night.

It appears as if police departments have full discretion whether or not to warn citizens about specific criminal behaviour in their areas. There have even been instances of a balcony rapist stalking a neighbourhood and local women not being warned about keeping their balconies locked even in hot weather.

The Waterloo Region Record carried this story last Saturday titled "Police failed to warn public about crime spree".

Monday, December 12, 2016


Nineteen bullets fired at close range at one, unarmed individual whos' primary offence appeared to be he was defending his mother against multiple officers who were "wrestling " with her. Her immediate offence was "brandishing a saucepan". I swear to God that's the story in last Saturday's Waterloo Region Record. The son is dead albeit police missed with eight of their shots only hitting him with eleven bullets. The title of the Record story is "Woman struck by stray bullet sues Peel chief, others".

Meanwhile the eight missed shots hit walls and doorjambs of an apartment complex except for one which punctured a window and struck a young woman in the back. She has had surgery but in a recently filed civil suit, among many other allegations, states that she is currently walking with a cane, a year and a half after the shooting. Regardless of that civil suit the fact remains that police officers fired nineteen bullets in a residential area and missed with eight of them. Then of course is the somewhat awkward situation as to why they had to shoot a 22 year old man eleven times. Presuming they weren't firing BBs and more likely 9mm or .40 calibre bullets; there is no way eleven bullets isn't a mile beyond overkill. Oh and did I mention there was no mention in the article about the man being armed, even with a saucepan. WTF, why are we as citizens tolerating this crap?

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


The new Ombudsman, Paul Dube, states that he has received more than 500 segraegation related complaints in the past three years. He also wants to end indefinite solitary confinement. Currently Correctional Services Minister David Orazetti has indicated that he wishes to reduce the 30 day cap on segregation to fifteen consecutive days. However he has no plans to reduce "administrative" segregation allegedly for safety reasons from its' current indefinite status. Last Saturday's Waterloo Region Record carried the following story titled "Ombudsman to look into use of solitary confinement".

Monday, December 5, 2016


Boy I've got to say that the Crown have sure tainted this case. Four times Robert Badgerow was tried for the same murder. Twice he was convicted, twice he was not. Apparently unlike baseball, the tie does not go to the runner. Aside from the precedent of trying one individual four times for the same alleged crime there are other problems. Apparently he was tried briefly on a charge of assaulting and stabbing a young woman with a screwdriver but she survived. Not only did she survive but she identified Robert Badgerow as her attacker. The judge threw out the case apparently over concerns that Mr. Badgerow could not get a fair trial. WTF?????

This wee problem did not inhibit the Crown from continuing to chase him regarding the Diana Werendowicz murder. I do not understand why with a surviving witness the Crown chose to go after the obviously difficult murder case rather than the attempted murder case. I do not understand how the Crown can continue honing their approach or perhaps the jury until they get the one they like and need. I do know that in the U.S. double jeopardy much less quadruple jeopardy simply is not allowed. The Crown get but one kick at the can and it better be their best one.

Last Friday's Waterloo Region Record carries this story titled "Badgerow guilty of first-degree murder".

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Well according to yesterday's Waterloo Region Record there will be an opportunity this evening from 6-8 pm. in the Aud's (Kitchener Auditorium) Subscriber Lounge for citizens to learn about and presumably also comment on the three different police oversight groups in Ontario. They are the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, the Ontario Civilian Police Commission and finally the Special Investigations Unit. Regular readers of this Blog will know of the many local instances of problems with the Waterloo Regional Police and some other forces. The Record's article is titled "Police Oversight Review comes to Kitchener". Keep in mind recently there was a fatal shooting of Beau Baker on Brybeck Cres. in Kitchener. There have been other fatal police shootings here in the past although I believe they were a little less controversial than the shooting of Mr. Baker. Of course there are a litany of other unresolved problems which I expect will remain exactly that way because our "authorities" have no interest in the alternatives. Normally I like to get involved in local issues for which I have an opinion but it is impossible to be involved in every issue, every time.