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Friday, June 29, 2012

CAN WE SAY SCAPEGOATS (Alex Hundert, Amanda Hiscocks & friends)

The media are no help at all regarding the G20 violence in Toronto two years ago. Let me be a little clearer. Yes they have deplored police actions and abuses appropriately. No they are not giving appropriate in depth comment and observation around the half dozen "G20 ringleaders" as they call them. Six political activists (and more) have been harassed, prosecuted and treated shabbily by the police, courts and judges. The media by not pointing out the obvious share some blame here.

Everything I've seen and read indicates that the police were unable to arrest masked perpetrators who smashed windows and set police cars on fire. They were however able prior to the G20 to infiltrate volunteer citizen groups and record evidence of political opinions and criticism of the "establishment". These discussions and suggestions may have been strong and possibly controversial. The actions including the above stated property violence, to the best of my knowledge, have not been attributed to the six individuals convicted of counselling mischief. Furthermore if the police have not caught the people directly damaging property then how can they even suggest that the six "ringleaders" communicated with them for the purpose of inciting violence? If I am incorrect and there are ANY vandalism convictions from the G20 of these six activists, someone please correct me. It is this link or lack thereof that I find ridiculous. Our mainstream media need to be asking themselves, the authorities and the public some hard questions. Are the police and courts with media assistance coming down hard on people who are embarassingly easy to find? Are they coming down on people who stand up and verbally confront police, politicians and courts? Are these charges and convictions for counselling mischief politically motivated and or simply an attempt by the authorities to be seen to be protecting the public, despite the fiasco that unfolded two years ago? In fact was half of the police overeactions, illegal "kettling" of honest and peaceful citizens, mass arrests and more, simply police frustrations at not catching the vandals in the act?

When all was said and done, six political activists said much and did little whereas a group of vandals said little and did much. I include the abhorrent and bullying police behaviour as part of the vandals who said little and did much.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Kudos to the Waterloo Region Record for their story in yesterday's paper titled "Ichim sues over G20 arrest". I believe that Mr. Ichim is long overdue for some positive press. He has been the canary in the coalmine as far as freedom of speech and freedom of dissent in this region and province for many years. No I do not agree with his stated Marxist-Leninist politics. So what? I sure as heck don't remotely agree with Stephen Harper's Conservative politics either. If that makes me a criminal then I now understand why the Tories want to build more prisons. Over half the voters in this country disagree with what their prime Minister is doing. Try jailing all of us you morons.

The author of this story states "He was charged with conspiring to do property damage and obstruct police but the charges were dropped six months later.". Further Mr. Ichim states "I was identified as a threat to the G20- not because of any physical actions I have done, but rather instead for the politics that I hold, which are Marxist-Leninist politics". Further the lawsuit alleges the undercover officer involved violated Mr. Ichim's privacy by conducting intrusive surveillance. This included advising lawyers and officers of Mr. Ichim's romantic interludes. The best quote in this newspaper article is Mr. Ichim's following comment : "I have no idea what my favourite sexual positions have to do with national security.".

One final comment here is my disgust with the authorities involved. All charges were dropped around his arrest but months later Mr. Ichim was charged criminally for using the undercover officer's psuedonym on his Blog . The Blog can be accessed by googling "Julian Ichim". Keep in mind this officer used this false name for over a year and is the name he was known by within the activist community. Also keep in mind his real name was published by the lomg established print media. What is going on here? Pretty clearly Mr. Ichim is a thorn in the side of our establishment and they are abusing their power and authority to try and shut him up. He truly is the canary in the coalmine and as he is treated by our authorities is how we all will eventually be treated.

Monday, June 25, 2012


I think that it should be obvious to even the casual reader of this Blog that I am not a cheerleader for police, school boards, the legal system or politicians. That being said, and this posting will continue in the non cheerleading path; nevertheless it is reassuring to be able to occasionally give some good news. Yesterday I had separate face to face dealings with two of Waterloo Region's finest. The conversations involved my reporting of a possible burglary I may have interrupted. The individual whom I only suspected after the fact was a stranger to me. I did very quickly reconsider my original opinion and observed carefully the departing individual, specifically colour, licence plate and further description of their vehicle. I then went and got a piece of paper and wrote down both the details of their car as well as a discription of the individual I had come in contact with. The good news is this: both officers were extremely professional, polite and concerned. Both street level officers did their jobs and communicated well with me as to what they were doing. The second officer who took a significant length of time interviewing me clearly was experienced and asked excellent questions. These kinds of positive interactions are reassuring that police misconduct and misbehaviour is not the norm. I still maintain that when abnormal police behaviour occurs it must be confronted and dealt with appropriately by senior officers. If it is senior officers behaving inappropriately they too must be held accountable.

Last night on CBC News, The National (10 pm.) was a report by Joe Schlesinger concerning police interrogation of suspects. It was an indictment of a method known as the Reid Method. Essentially this method assumes the suspect is guilty from the start. It entails a police officer not so much asking questions pertaining to the suspects involvement in the crime or even of accusing the suspect as it is a flat out statement of fact, brooking no disagreement, telling the suspect in no uncertain terms that they have absolute proof of the suspect's guilt. The police make it very clear that the evidence and proof is overwhelming including forensic and CSI (crime scene investigation) data. Lying and exaggerating by the interrogating officer is both O.K. and encouraged as long as they are confident that the suspect won't catch them. What this does is attempt to avoid the suspect getting into long winded story telling or attempts to come up with an alibi. The officer feigns sympathy pretending to only be concerned as to the why of the crime not the who. The officer suggests that the purpose of the interview is to determine if the suspect is a cold hearted killer for example or basically a decent person who just snapped. Those are the only two options presented to the suspect. This is done even when the police literally have nothing. It is a huge bluff and is also psychological warfare.

The result and purpose of this interrogation method is indeed confessions. Unfortunately it works on both the guilty and the innocent. When an innocent person is overwhelmed, overstressed and overmatched in a battle of wits they often succumb. They believe at the moment what they are being told. They are being led down the garden path and only afterwards do they realize that they've been played by a professional liar and manipulator. Often that's too late and they are convicted not on their deeds nor on any evidence other than their own words coerced in a setting where they are powerless and overwhelmed. This is not justice. Far too many false confessions have been coerced sending the innocent to jail and sometimes allowing the guilty to go free.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Today's Waterloo Region Record advises us of a groundbreaking conviction in the U.S. It wasn't just the pedophile that went to jail it was the authority figure within the Catholic Church who covered up for the priest. The title of the story is "Catholic official goes to prison for how he handled abuse claims". Well now that certainly puts a different perspective upon authority figures within churches and schools who think that they can play god with childrens' lives. It should be obvious that these figures whether monsignors, cardinals or Board Superintendants are nothing but criminals covering up criminal behaviour within their midst so as to protect their own dirty little reputations.

The obvious comparison here in Waterloo Region would be the Waterloo Region District School Board and the Ron Archer case. Mr. Archer was convictewd of sexually abusing children including the original complainant one Michael Schmidt. At trial, court was advised as to how well known Mr.Archer's behaviour was and how long he got away with it. He got away with it by the complicity and assistance of senior officials at the WRDSB. The method was so blatant a derogatory phrase was coined for it, namely passing the trash. I suggest that senior management at the WRDSB who had involvement with the Archer case might want to put their affairs in order. Maybe the interest south of the border to make "enablers" of pedophiles accountable just might spread to Canada. I've got two or three names in mind from the WRDSB who have had a lot to say about parents behaviour while they've been actively protecting child abusers in their employ. Those hypocrites need both removal and prosecution.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Four months ago (Feb. 21/12 I posted a story here in the Waterloo Region Advocate about an O.P.P. officer who drove into the back end of a Mennonite buggy at high speed. At that time it was several months after the accident and charges had been in limbo since then. Yesterday's Waterloo Region Record advises us that time has been set aside for a five day trial for now retired officer Roger Woods. The charge is careless driving and the accident severely injured Onias Frey and killed his horse. This collision took place outside of Mount Forest and the community were very upset about the time gap between the accident and the laying of the careless charge. This results of this trial will be examined carefully. Also perhaps a comparison may be made with the recent hitting of a young girl getting off a school bus. There the driver of a garbage truck clearly was paying no more attention than the O.P.P. officer. The girl has been in critical condition and no one knows what the extent of her recovery will be.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I'm trying to put this case in perspective. No police did not beat, shoot maim or kill any citizens. They were not involved in stealing drugs or other items they found in the course of their duties. This ongoing episode as reported in yesterday's Waterloo Region Record involves an affair of the heart. The title of the Record story is "Officer in love triangle manages to avoid jail".

We are dealing with female O.P.P.officers here. So much for sterotyping of males as being testosterone driven neanderthals thumping their chests and braining their competition with clubs. It sounds as if the particular officer involved, Jill Carter, certainly has some anger and violence issues that need to be resolved and quickly. She has been convicted of assault, mischief and breach of recognizance. Maybe she felt she had been provoked but if that doesn't work for anyone else then why would it work for a police officer? Somewhat troubling is the absolute discharge she was given for the assault and also the non jail time for the other convictions. The perception certainly is that the judge(s) gave her a break being a police officer. Justice Margaret Woolcott in Cambridge Court said "It is rightly up to the OPP to decide through it's professional disciplinary process whether Carter should be allowed to return to her job.". Oh boy that's definitely a little scary. If aggressive, irrational males can get the boot, do women police officers not deserve similar treatment? Would a male officer receive the same treatment under the same circumstances? Are the public being protected by this whole process? Once again the public are essentially being advised to trust the authorities. I'd be a lot more trusting if the whole process were more transparent and accountable to the citizens.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys this Opinion piece "Sometimes students deserve to get a zero". It is written by Michael Zwaagstra, a professional educator. Quite clearly his knowledge and opinions are not in line with those of various School Boards across Canada. He has written a book titled "What's Wrong With Our Schools and How We Can Fix Them". Clearly in the good old days before the Teachers were unionized, oops sorry I meant part of a professional organization, the Board could simply have fired his ass for daring to have a contrary opinion and more significantly, expressing it.

The issue is giving students a zero for assignments that aren't handed in. Not late but simply not done and handed in, at all as in never. The well publicized most recent case involves a 35 year teaching veteran in Edmonton. Lynden Dorval with union protection doesn't seem particularily cowed or intimidated by his local Board. He's more than old enough to retire and thus basically is telling his Board to fuck off and wake up. He's been handing out zeros to deserving students and receiving lots of support for so doing. Except of course from a School Board who like and appreciate educational baloney, theories and bafflegab. Apparently both Ontario and Manitoba also had these stupid policies at one time but strong opposition from the public straightened them out. Quoting Mr. Zwaagstra "School administrators have a choice. They can focus on common-sense assessment reforms that would have broad-based public support or they can stand behind a foolish no-zeros policy supported by a handful of education consultants."
Furthermore Mr. Zwaagstra suggests "Let's hope common sense prevails for once in our education system. Teachers should be able to give zeros to students who choose not to submit their assignments.".

While I agree this is an important issue, what leaps out at me is the intellectual deficit at the top of our School Boards. The appearance is that our schools are being run by a bunch of second rate minds focused on educational flavour of the month trends and theories. These people are big into their own authority and power and if they like some cockamamy theory coming from an underexperienced but overpaid consultant, then you should too. Please don't confuse them with facts or commonsense.

Monday, June 18, 2012


This is so disappointing, disgusting, outrageous and gutless. I've recently posted here (Fri. June 8/12) about the LeSage Hearings and their very pointed criticisms of the Ontario College of Teachers and major improvements that are required to give that body transparency and accountability. Also just last Thursday I posted here my compliments to the Waterloo Region Record for their persistence and appropriate investigative journalism into secrecy by the City of Kitchener surrounding a land purchase. Now today the Record has this title on their Editorials page namely "Guard against false accusations". This appears to be a contemptible pacifier thrown to the Teachers Unions. Did they threaten to sue the Record again?

The Record claim in their Editorial "But the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario was also right, in responding to the release of LeSage's report on June 7, to highlight an equally concerning issue: false abuse accusations made against teachers." . "...An equally concerning issue..." for who??? Perhaps for the Elementary Teachers Federation who are so adamant that no teacher in their history can do any wrong whatsoever. This statement by the Waterloo Region Record is sheer collaboration in union misdirection and deception. Far too many teachers are appropriately accused of misconduct (not just sexual) and the ones criminally charged are convicted in the vast majority of cases. Apparently our criminal courts, as poor as they are, have no inclination to tarnish themselves by pretending that the Union's puffery and bullshit trumps student, parent and hallelujah even occasionally education insiders testimony.

As far as the further drivel and garbage presented by the Record that allegedly parents should be "held accountable" for levelling unfounded allegations, that is a huge red herring. Show me the numbers. This has never been any kind of a problem or significant issue as the School Board, Unions and their members have sucessfully squelched and dismissed legitimate allegations for decades. That is why the College of Teachers was implemented in the first place. That is why the LeSage Report was commissioned in the second place. There is a huge imbalance in power, money and authority and it's always favoured the Teachers Unions and School Boards. Shame on them and their toady, the Waterloo Region Record.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


The Waterloo Region Record carried an examination of two books on Saturday June 9, 2012. The title of the story is "How did we get here" and the two books are Predator Nation by Charles Ferguson and The Unfair Trade by Michael J. Casey. These two books both attempt to explain what is wrong with our economic system which allowed the near fatal crash in 2008. From Mr. Ferguson "With incentives in place to reward bad behaviour, and no penalties when things go wrong, complacent, incompetent and corrupt elites have become entrenched, and a danger to the rest of us.". Michael J. Casey states that " is always the ordinary middle and working classes who have to pay to clean up the mess.".

The author of this critique, Alex Good, says that "...after the financial crisis of 2008, which clearly demonstrated that the new masters of the universe atop the global financial pyramid were involved in wheeling and dealing that had little broader social or economic bemnefit. Instead of manufacturing things, investing in jobs and education or building infrastructure, the economy had become a giant casino.".

Some of the joint conclusions are that governments must have greater regulation over the financial sectors and a re-emphasis on the "real" economy.

Clearly the Occupy Movement are onto the big picture. Corporate criminals ,in bed with governments have been caught but not punished. Ordinary citizens are and will continue to pay the price for private greed and public (government) incompetence and corruption.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Call it Bill C-38 or call it the Omnibus Bill, the Bully Bill, the Trojan Horse Bill or the Kitchen Sink Bill, all those are apt names. I am including a link to today's story in the Waterloo Region Record which describes what is currently going on in our national parliament. The opposition parties are all taking a stand against this abuse of parliament by the majority government of Stephen Harper as well they should. This kind of arrogant, abusive behaviour is precisely why I have such little use for majority governments. Harper and company literally don't give a crap for all the rest of the democratically elected M.P's and is intent on ramming through a massive Bill covering a multitude of subjects with little or no debate or oversight from the opposition parties. I hope but don't necessarily expect that canadians will re4ward his bully boy behaviour with a thrashing next time out at the polls. this is not democracy and it is an affront to all canadians. shame on you Stephen harper and all Conservatives involved in this subterfuge and deception. The cowardly Conservatives won't even honestly answer legitimate questions raised by the other parties asking for details such as which government departments are receiving major cuts. This Bill is an abomination and is what we are beginning to expect from a party and government which has already been formally found in contempt of parliament. Shame on the entire pack of Tory sheep!


Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys the following story regarding a land deal the City appear to be hiding " Court orders city to release files on Goodrich land deal". This story exposes two unfortunate truths. Firstly that our politicians including municipal have a very bad attitude towards public accountability. They prefer to make decisions in secret and they prefer to keep them that way. Secondly for all intents and purposes FOI or Freedom of Information laws are a joke. The full name of this legislation, unknown to many, is "Freedom of Information and PROTECTION OF PRIVACY". I've capitolized the last half simply to point out the obvious disparity and inconsistency.

The City of Kitchener paid 22.4 million dollars for 45 acres of land and an old industrial building on Goodrich drive in Kitchener's south end. That money was neither the city's nor the Councillors money. That money belonged to Kitchener taxpayers and they had an absolute right to know the details as to how and why it was spent. It took the Record three years, $2,558 in FOI processing costs and another $10,000 in legal fees to get their hands on what should be public information. Kudos to the Record while realizing this is exactly why I've long given up on wasting my time and money trying to access information from our various levels of incompetent, lying, secretive governments.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Do Ontario Doctors really think that their lobby group, the Ontario Medical Association (OMA), is going to take all the heat and bad press? Do they think that like the Teachers' lobby that they are immune from public backlash? Have they swallowed their own propaganda that they walk on water and are infallible? They are human beings just like the rest of us and they put their pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us. Do they have a tough, responsible job? Of course they do. In my opinion however the medical profession is being ruined, just like the teaching profession, because of too much money, not because as they would have us believe, too little. There was a time when both professions were overworked and underpaid. There was a time when both professions did not receive the respect they deserved. Those times are literally decades in the past, thank goodness. Our governments recognized the importance to the community of good doctors and teachers and then proceeded to undermine them by throwing money at them. Money truly is the root of all evil. Better hospitals and schools are one thing. A decent standard of living appropriate to all the factors involved in a profession, including time spent in training is appropriate. We have gone so far beyond that it is now disgusting. We as a society can not and never should have allowed either profession to steal the farm as they have.

Today's Waterloo Region Record gives the details of the raises Ontario doctors have received over the last eight years. The title of the story is "OMA takes Liberals to court". This is from a profession who still wish to be thought of as morally and ethically superior. Readers please read this story and then tell me if you feel sorry for our doctors. If they want to debate the numbers fine. If they want to claim their "net" income isn't as large as we think, fine. What enrages me is their bullshit that the government is "devaluing" doctors. That the government isn't "listening" to doctors. Then we get into the really disgusting crap from the OMA. Patient care will suffer if doctors aren't paid as much. That's just plain blackmail. Even better is that doctors will go elsewhere if they don't keep receiving raises that widen even further their income from the very citizens who are paying them in the first place. Sure doctors, feel free to go to China. Try out South America. Hey even Europe are in such desperate financial straits why not try them out? Here's a thought for Ontario doctors. Rein in your own association. The OMA are making you look like money grubbing, greedy little children. The respect and honour you already have is yours to lose.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Steve Kannon of the Woolwich Observer has written another thought provoking Editorial. This one on page 9 is titled "Anti-union sentiment sees us throwing out the baby with the bathwater". Steve readily admits that most of today's criticisms of unions are fundamentally true. They have become ".., corrupt, self-serving and out of touch with today's workplace". Steve however believes that a lot of the criticism is also simple jealousy. We don't approve of others making more money and benefits especially as we view unionized government employees as less deserving, lazier etc.. The big picture is all about globalization, free trade and other attacks upon the middle class. This is the politics of Reagan, Thatcher and Harper and it isn't for our good it's for the benefit of the already rich. The " with the bathwater" that Steve is referring to are all the improvements to society as a direct result of union past battles such as five day workweeks, holidays, vacations, benefits, pensions (for some) and on the job safety measures (again for some not all). Public sector unions have lost none of these but private unions are faltering and the majority of the non-union are in freefall.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Yesterday's Woolwich Observer aren't pulling any punches in their Editorial (Pg.8) titled "No accountability without penalties for official failures". Steve Kannon states "Overreaction by the child's teacher and the school set off a chain of events that would be laughable if so much- from common sense to civil rights - weren't at stake.". Steve goes on to advise that this will end up costing taxpayers a lot of money. "The money will come from taxpayers rather than from any of those involved.". Steve further suggests that in an ideal world "This kind of thing should never happen again, with the police, school boards and social agencies forced to implement policies that would ensure that's the case...or else.".

How do we know that this simply won't happen? Well first of all the guilty parties are publicly unrepentant. The Regional Police after conducting an internal review "...came to the conclusion that, with a few tweaks, they would do it all over again.". Of course they will. They will use taxpayers money to settle the probable civil suit against them and they will learn nothing. Why should they? No one will be fired or disciplined in any way. Afterall they and their political masters at the Regional level will never be victimized by overzealous police, school boards or Family & Childrens' Services. The next victims will be political nobodies and the guilty parties will once again buy them off with confidentiality clauses and taxpayers money. Steve is right there is no accountability without penalties and our democracy is doomed.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Today's Waterloo Region Record tells us exactly what College of Teachers victims have known for many years. By victims I mean parents and children. Contrary to the bullshit spewed by the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario, there are a hundred ignored but legitimate complaints by students and parents for every false allegation levelled against teachers. Today's Record story is titled "Open hearings on teacher misconduct urged".

Former provincial chief justice Patrick lesage has concluded a nine month investigation into complaints and criticisms against the College of Teachers. This College was set up by the Liberals back in the early to mid 90's to defuse a groundswell of complaints from the public about the unaccountability of teachers' behaviour. Until (and since) that time the only way to fire a teacher was after they had been convicted of a criminal offense against a student. Mere incompetence or laziness wasn't grounds nor was a myriad of other behaviours which would get the rest of us fired in a second. The Liberals responded to the outcry and lobbying by the Teachers unions at the time by stacking the College and its' committees including disciplinary committees with, you guessed it, teachers.

The results have been entirely predictable. The Ron Archer case here in Waterloo Region is a perfect example. Two decades of abusing students, verbally and physically, and only after a former victim at age eighteen went to the police did accountability begin. Well to be accurate, judicial accountability. At trial the public heard of two decades of coverups and transfers initiated by the Waterloo Region District School Board. Teachers, principals, trustees, parents and children all knew the truth about that teacher. As complaints rose in one school after another he was simply transferred again and again in a process known as "passing the trash". What did our vaunted College of Teachers do? Why in an outstanding move of resolve, determination and moral outrage they removed his teaching certificate, AFTER the criminal justice system convicted him and sent him to jail for his repeated sexual assaults upon children.

Patrick Lesage states "The overiding principle must be transparency and openess". College of Teachers "Registrar Michael Salvatori conceded the college has failed to meet public expectations of transparency". Mr. Salvatori added "Beginning today we'll change that". A good friend has long told me that a problem will never be solved until one admits there indeed is a problem. The College has so admitted. To bad the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario are still reluctant to do so.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Today's Waterloo Region Record has this story: "Local police nab one of their own in sting". This is in regards to an ongoing and lengthy case involving Officer Andrew Robson who is alleged to have stolen a small quantity of marijuana for his own use, that he was supposed to have turned in. I had reported on it here in the Advocate last January 26/12.

This case has some disturbing elements to it. Firstly I've always been suspicious of police entrapment. That clearly as described in the Record's story is what occurred here. Secondly I wonder why the Police Association has abandoned him according to the Officer's lawyer. Thirdly a plea bargain was allegedly offerred which would have seen the criminal charges dropped but Officer Robson would have had to resign from the force. Is there more to this whole issue? Are the Regional Police trying to get rid of him for some other reasons? I don't believe that this would be the first time the Regional Police have made the decision to get rid of an Officer who isn't to their liking. Usually however that's why the Police Association steps in to protect individual officers from alleged managerial abuses. The trial is set for July 9/12.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Today's Waterloo Region Record continues the story of local police officers tawdry on the job behaviour. The title of the story is "Four local officers now facing discipline". The worst of this cae appears to be that it was one individual stealing personal items, taking inappropriate photographs after being invited into a citizen's home in order to assist them and finally then involving other officers in his coverup attempts. Citizens have an absolute right when they ask the police for help, to expect that help as well as discretion, respect and courtesy. This one officer apparently thinks otherwise and has to go. Obviously his fellow officers felt that they had some duty to protect one of their own. Thankfully this case does not involve assaulted or murdered citizens. Nevertheless certainly it does involve a major breech of trust and I am concerned about the police culture, that other officers would attempt to help this one ignoramus amongst them. When will the rank and file ever learn that bad behaviour by their colleagues tarnishes them all? When will the police management and bureaucracy change the culture within the Waterloo Regional Police to reflect that respect for the public and citizens is job one?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The front page story of today's Waterloo Region Record is titled "Strip-searched dad receives apology from police chief". Clearly the victim of incompetent school, childrens' aid and police, Jesse Sansone is not totally satisfied by any stretch. "There's more than just the strip search that was at fault,he said. The whole procedure I thought was unbelievable, to be detained, strip-searched and have a search of my house...". Reporter Luisa D'Amato in another story on this matter suggested that our local police, by apologizing, have done so much better than Toronto police whose behaviour at the G20 two years ago in Toronto was so contemptible. My opinion is that Toronto police should be in jail for their behaviour, and that starts at the top and goes downwards. Here in Waterloo Region there must be substantive change in the unholy alliance between school boards, family & childrens' services and the police. All three lean heavily on each other for moral authority and quite frankly all three have little or none.

There is still a disconnect between the position of the Supreme Court of Canada and our police forces. The Supreme Court has ruled that routine strip searches are humiliating and degrading and are to be prohibited. Regional Police on the other hand feel they are acceptable for all persons being charged and held for a bail hearing who will be in custody with others. These strip searches are unnecessary and all about showing who has the power and authority. They are intentionally used to degrade exactly as the Supreme Court has clearly indicated. Keep this crap up and there will be a backlash in this country the likes of which Canada has never seen. These police abuses are becoming all too frequent and too often it isn't criminals being targeted as much as lawful protesters and activists.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


The above title is also the title of a story in yesterday's Waterloo Region Record. A U.S. journalist by the nema of Chris Hedges was speaking at a conference at Wilfred Laurier University. His message is definitely not a good news meassage. Among his claims are that both universities and the media are being silent as corporations essentially bankrupt the United States. He also advocates non violent civil disobedience as the only hope for citizens such as the recent Occupy movements. Corporations rule the economy and they partly do this via corporate lobbyists essentially writing the legislation which goes to Congress. Mr. Hedges references parents bankrupting themselves trying to pay medical bills for their children as well as six million U.S. citizens who have lost their homes and it is rising. Mr. Hedges also refers to the sad state in investigative journalism being a direct result of old laws being used inappropriately to intimidate journalist. All in all this lecturer is clearly trying to sound the alarm for democracy throughout North America.