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Friday, December 28, 2012


Today's Waterloo Region Record advises us that the Simon Weisenthal Center has put Oberlander on it's list of the ten most wanted Nazi war crimes suspects. The article is titled "Helmut Oberlander again loses Canadian citizenship". This ten most wanted list leads me to a number of conclusions. Firstly the war ended almost sixty-eight years ago. Exactly how old were current living survivors when the war ended? In Oberlander's case he is now 88 making him 20 at the end of the war and 14 at the start. Just exactly what was his rank and seniority if he was 20 at the END of the war? Secondly it seems highly probable that any Nazis who were even thirty years old at the end of the war, 68 years ago, are now long gone. Thirdly there is virtually zero evidence of any kind linking Oberlander to any war crimes of any kind. Therefore if he is on the ten most wanted list of war crimes suspects than I can only suggest that list has outlived it's purpose.

I do not understand why both Liberal and Conservative governments have chased and harassed a Canadian citizen for so long. Similar to Omar Khadr who at worst was a child soldier caught up in events beyond his control or understanding; Helmut Oberlander was still a child in the early years of the war. What ever happened to guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? He's never been proven guilty of anything including the so called "finding" that his wartime experience was not disclosed or admitted to. This "finding" was by a Judge based upon essentially nothing. The Judge felt that probably a Canadian immigration official would have asked Oberlander a specific question or two. Therefore the Judge detrmined a so called finding. Such ridiculous legal bullshit. Shame on our federal governments past and present and shame on the lack of common sense. By the way I have no love for either Nazis or war criminals. My father and two uncles fought overseas for years during World War Two and they fought to stop tyranny and despotic behaviour. I believe they'd be appalled at the behaviour of our government in regards to Helmut Oberlander.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Canadians are a hardy lot but we don't really appreciate going through tough times AND having our noses rubbed in it. This is where striking teachers have to learn to be a whole lot smoother in their criticism of our provincial government. Personally I am fed up to here listening to them and their unions bullshit about democratic rights and how we all have them. They are supposedly striking right now because their bargaining rights are being jeopardized by Bill 115. They claim it's not about the money. Right, that's why the average teacher, elementary or high school are making in excess of $90,000 per year. Note I say "making" not "earning". It's because they and correspondingly their union long ago figured out that they had their corresponding school boards over a barrel and they would pay excessive amounts of money for labour peace. The unions and teachers right now are worried about future money coming from negotiations that can arbitrarily be ended and a contract unilaterally implemented by the government. But it's not about the money. They are correct that Bill 115 weakens their union. That's what it was designed to do.

Meanwhile back at the ranch for the 95% of other employees in this province whose bargaining position has been intentionally eroded over the decades; it's pretty hard to feel bad for the teachers at this late date. Unionism throughout North America is and has been struggling forever. Membership is down and believe me for the vast majority of us without a union; workplace democracy is a contemptible joke. Personally I've worked for four decades in this province and while there has been the occasional good and appreciative employer; the rest have been lying, cheating self absorbed twits. The owners and management aren't remotely professional or even focused on productivity, quality or the bottom line. Too many small to medium companies are more about power, control and status. That is their preeminence over their fellow man and accompanying status. It's almost like England and their stuffy, arrogant class system.

So for the teachers who have major control and authority in the workplace to be lecturing the rest of us on how they are losing their "democratic" rights oh boo hoo! 99% of us would work twice as hard and long for what you've still got. You want more fine but keep the rest of us out of it. Especially quit pleading poor me and how our rights are at risk if yours are. We don't have now and haven't had any damn work rights for decades so piss off! We are in no position whatsoever to help you maintain that which most of us have never had.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


As per the December 20, 2012 Waterloo Region Record, Ornge Air Ambulance has snagged Ontario's Chief Coroner as their new Chief Executive Officer. Apparently Dr. McCallum comes with an excellent history and bachground and I certainly hope that he hasn't stepped into a pit of vipers. This comment might seem at first a tad strong until one recalls the last year's revelations surrounding Ornge. They had a CEO making $1.4 Million per year while they were under a criminal probe for financial irregularities. Other issues include alleged kickbacks and "heavy-duty nepotism". Ornge also faced criticism over occasional slow response times to emergencies including not having enough paramedics on call, at all times. The title of the Record article is "Ornge appoints Ontario's chief coroner as new CEO".

Monday, December 24, 2012


Well now this is very interesting. Several months back we had the case of a local school and Children's Aid AND police overeacting to an innocent comment from a very young child who had drawn a picture of what turned out to be a toy gun in her household. When questioned by "authorities" she suggested that her Daddy used it to shoot "bad guys". Since then there have been all kinds of Editorials, comments and even articles that suggest that sometimes our local Children's Aid (FCS- Family & Children Services) can be just a tad overenthusiastic in their leaping into situations where in fact there is little or no harm or threat to children involved.

Thus yesterday's small article in the Waterloo Region Record took me by surprise as it's one of the first, if not the first, that I've seen where one of our members of the establishment hasn't automatically and blindly defended Children's Aid, unequivocally. The title of the article is "Children's Aid should list all kids on web: PC's". Provincial Opposition leader Tim Hudak has very bluntly criticized the basic standard operating practices of Children's aid. He has stated that the current system rewards them financially for not finding homes for children and that this is a disincentive to their proper operation and mandate. Further by implication the fact that they get paid more money for each child they take into custody certainly to me is a Kafkayesque scenario. Is it a coincidence that more poorer children are seized than children from well off families? Is this due to economic hardship making it difficult for parents to properly feed and clothe their children or possibly is there even a tiny component of poorer parents being less able to hire high priced legal talent to take on Children's Aid and the Courts? I applaud Tim Hudak's comments in this Record article and believe that greater scrutiny and accountability is long overdue.

Friday, December 21, 2012


It is difficult not to be profane right now. Today's Waterloo Region Record has this story on page A4 "Khadr in maximum-security jail at least two more years: report". Shame on Stephen Harper, shame on Vic Toews and shame on the entire federal Conservative government. You make me sick.

He was convicted of murder and terrorism after pleading guilty in 2010, after EIGHT years being in custody. His guilty plea bought him an eight year sentence (versus fourty) and the right to be sent back to Canada from the notorious Guantanamo Bay. After eight years in custody in a foreign land I'd plead guilty to the Lindburgh baby murder to get a better deal/life.

He was fifteen years old at the time of the "murder". He was sufferring from multiple serious and life threatening gunshot wounds. Allegedly he threw a grenade at the U.S. forces which had just attacked and killed everyone around him. Apparently it's O.K. by U.S. and Conservative Party standards to kill multiple people all in the name of U.S. foreign policy, but woe befall a dying young teenager daring to retaliate against them. Our Conservative Party & government have dragged Canada to an all time moral low. Right now I'm disgusted with them.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Today's Waterloo Region Record has an excellent Opinion column by Luisa D'Amato titled "Casinos aren't worth the gamble". At least that's the title in my morning edition. It seems as if the Record routinely change the titles of their articles either during the day or for their on-line version.

I realize that I'm becoming jaded when I no longer take the word of for example the Region of Waterloo's chief medical officer of health. She has alarming statistics that show the probable increase in moderate to severe problem gamblers when a new casino comes to town. Her logic (and Luisa's) is unassailable but again I've seen this same medical officer of health dismiss public health concerns in regards to both air and water, courtesy of highly contaminated industrial site in Waterloo Region. Some day when our politicians grow up or become honest (both unlikely) they will understand why the public have less faith and trust in them than even in lawyers.

Contrary to the presentation I attended at the Woolwich Memorial Arena a few weeks ago; it seems as if casinos actually rely on the business from problem gamblers to substantially increase their profits. Wow and the nice men from OLG told us a completely different story. They were smooth, slick and professional. Mind you after your first couple of hundred presentations by bought and paid for consultants, experts and professionals of every stripe and flavour; you tend to become just a tad disenchanted. Don't forget this is Elmira the home of more credentialed experts per square block than just about anywhere. Actually they don't live here so much as they parachute in when required by their masters. Heck I'm so jaded from being lied to by so many for so long I actually expect to see high school guidance counsellors promoting careers as professional liars, to our young people.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The short answer I expect is no. First of all I am unaware of any single instance of a repeat offender. That of course is after they are stopped. Robert Pickton in British Columbia continued murdering for years. Most of the U.S. school shooters tend to commit suicide thus removing all possibility of doing it again. Yet it happens again and again, just with different madmen involved.

What are the common denominators? Well generally the perpetraters are armed with a firearm and they generally attack "soft" targets such as schools. I don't recall anywhere in Canada or the U.S. where a mass murderer attacked a police station or even a military installation. Afterall both those locations would most likely elicit a very quick and deadly response.

So if many of these killers are prepared to kill themselves; is the attack on soft targets (unarmed adults & children) not to avoid eventual retaliation but to run up the body count as quickly as possible? It would seem that way. Is this the best or only way for them to get the attention they feel they deserve? In the U.S. especially a murder of two or three adults is way too commonplace and essentially non newsworthy. These individuals know that killing multiple innocent and defenceless children will provoke outrage. Their deeds will not be soon forgotten. Is this what it's all about? Basically a pathetic attempt to matter? Have these individuals been invisible all their lives?

Aside from increased vigilance from people who deal professionally with at risk children and teens; can anyone else intervene or sound the alarm when they see individuals exhibiting strange or anti social behaviour? Family members would be the most likely but they are hardly likely to turn in their own children or siblings until after a traumatic event has occurred.

Then there are the weapons themselves. Clearly our mass murderers carry guns into a basically weaponless environment to ensure they can do what they came to do without interference until the professionals show up. Seriously does anyone believe reducing magazine capacities, and or banning certain makes and models will stop someone intent upon mayhem and murder? How well armed do you really need to be to walk into a classroom of five and six year olds and start killing?

I don't know the answer although I expect there are some who do. I presume mass mental health studies and assessments would be nearly impossible and even then do we actually have the knowledge to be able to accurately interpret a test and say that this person is a threat to commit mass murder? I'm very skeptical of that. Meanwhile we will continue to demand solutions from our politicians who may well respond this time but it will not stop the next tragedy. Logical thought can't outhink irrational or crazy thought.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The above headline comes from today's Waterloo Region Record. The title of the story on pg. A3 is "Police bias let Pickton kill so many women:inquiry". The results of the inquiry by Commissioner Wally Oppal were released yesterday and they paint a damning picture of both the Vancouver Police and of the RCMP. The link I have to the Record story is actually from their paper of two days ago. I have no idea why today's incredible story isn't on-line yet.

"There was an institutional, systemic bias against the women... They were poor. They were aboriginal, they were drug-addicted and they were not taken seriously." All of this is bad enough but the incredibly sloppy and amateur investigation should have lead to dismissals if not outright criminal negligence charges. These police officers were paid to do a job. This was not a difficult whodunit. It was an in your face, outright obvious case that received short shrift from beginning to end. The serial killer Robert Pickton had been caught and charged in 1997 for the attempted murder of a prostitute but the prosecuters stayed the case. Mr. Pickton went on to kill at least nineteen more times. The surviving prostitute advised officers that she believed other sex workers had been to Pickton's property. Clearly she was ignored.

This inquiry was important but I wonder if it went far enough in determining the reasons for the incompetence of two police forces. I still wonder what parameters, credentials and or qualities are looked for when police officers are promoted from on the beat street work into investigative or detective work. What kind of supervision is there? What kind of accountability for results is there? How do two police forces overlook a man who admittedly violently assaulted a prostitute; during an ongoing years long investigation into a serial killer of prostitiutes?

Monday, December 17, 2012


I sincerely hope that these are cracks and not yawning chasms. Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys this story "Simple kidney stone revealed cracks in health care system for local man". He sufferred repeated severe kidney stone attacks over the course of a month. Apparently the procedure for breaking up a kidney stone is relatively a simple one. The problem was both a Urologist on holidays combined with poor communications from staff. This gentleman, Mr. Smolinski ended up with repeated hours long emergency room visits for pain relief and it was to the point that his family doctor feared serious kidney damage if the procedure was not done immediately. Long story short Mr. Smolinski experienced himself and saw many more in similar difficulty sitting for hours in emergency rooms that could have and should have been treated for the cause of their problem much more quickly. It almost appears as if the system itself is intentionally delaying, confusing and multiplying the sheer number of times that patients need to be dealt with.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Well it may be a football metaphor but it's applicable: "When the going gets tough, the tough get going". Both state legislatures south of the border as well as our federal Tories are doing their darndest to kick unions in the nads. This is occurring, oddly enough when unions memberships are at alltime lows on both sides of the border. Hmm!

Two days ago the Waterloo Region Record published this story "Michigan OK's limits on unions as protesters voice dissent". Yesterday the Record published "Tories pass bill compelling unions to detail finances". Neither of these bills is for the alleged purposes stated and are simply an attack upon organized labour by right wing governments. These battles have been fought literally decades ago but the right never did like how they turned out then so they're having another kick at the can. Some day legitimate tweaking of unions might be a good idea but wholesale removal of their hard fought for, financial backing, and discriminatory backroom scrutiny of their finances is not. Interestingly there were even five Conservatives in Ottawa who voted against the bill. This is a good thing and more power to those honourable individuals who put right ahead of party lines.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


According to Luisa D'Amato in yesterday's Waterloo Region Record, the Teachers' Unions are abandoning the liberal party in droves. This is hardly surprising as they are known for overeacting to the slightest criticism or failure to support them unquestioningly. It's also hardly surprising as the Liberals, perhaps deep in their hearts, knew the teachers were fair weather friends only. Regardless of the motivation, Bill 115 may be effective in keeping teachers in the classroom but it's also a surefire way to lose their support at the polls. That is with the exception of the Catholic teachers who Luisa suggests have a better understanding of the financial difficulties facing most Ontarians.

All in all it's not a good scene. Luisa suggests that if the striking teachers (especially the elementary ones) don't smarten up quickly they will drive the long sufferring public into the arms of the Mongol hordes aka Hudak & the Conservatives. Luisa suggest this happened before and the teachers sure as heck didn't much care for Mike Harris. This indeed would be counterproductive to the Teachers cause of constantly improving their financial bottomline while ignoring the realities all around them. There is however another option and a very viable one at that. Really what party other than the NDP should be the natural home for a strong union? This of course will please the NDP unless the teachers do exactly as Luisa is suggesting. Wouldn't it just be hilarious if the Teachers misbehaviour and acting out teed off the rest of the electorate to the point that the NDP said no thanks to any offer from the Teachers Unions to join forces? Now that would be funny if the Teachers Unions went too far, to the point that no political party wanted their support.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


While I'm hardly surprised by today's story in the Waterloo Region Record titled "Local rubber workers worry about exposure"; again I have to ask where was the union in all of this? They had both the money and the clout to do research and to demand improvements in health and safety issues.

Recently a number of retired or nearly retired workers in the various Waterloo Region rubber industries have come forward with cancer diagnoses, most likely due to occupational exposures. At one time we had B.F. Goodrich, Kaufman, Uniroyal and Epton operating locally. One chemical has been pointed out and that is beta-napthlamine which is recognized as causing bladder cancer. There were of course dozens to hundreds of others in use.

I am pleased that our Workers' Compensation (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) have acknowledged health issues for rubber workers caused by their employment and exposure to various chemicals. Just for the record however most of these chemicals have been known as toxic for decades or longer. None of this is remotely news.

Of course many of these workers are now dead, some prematurely, others more or less after normal lifespans. Above and beyond the human tragedy, we must also recognize the financial one. Basically these companies in some cases found it easier to ignore already availble science and knowledge and effectively externalize their costs of production. They did this by not having adequate engineering controls or methods that would limit human exposure to toxic chemicals. Their financial liability has been assumed by John Q. Public and the taxpayers. Whether former employees are collecting Workers' Compensation or whether they are currently heavily involved with our health care system, they are being financially supported by the public rather than by the industries who made them sick. This is no accident and as long as this system is in existence it will perpetuate anti social behaviour by these and other industries and employers.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Yesterday's Waterloo Region Record carried an Opinion article by Geoffrey Stevens titled "Harper won't admit F-35 mistake". While it's been obvious for a number of years now that there really is nothing good about the original plan to purchase these, inappropriate for Canadian needs, military aircraft; the question for me is how much money above and beyond the 7 year time span has been wasted? Surely a seven year trip in the wrong direction carrys some costs. Surely the cancellation of a memorandum of agreement signed in 2006 and then Cabinet's confirmation of their go ahead four years later (July 2010) means Canada will be paying some sort of penalty to get out of our commitment ? This of course is the typical problem when politicians are spending other peoples' money.

The F-35 is inadequate on numerous fronts. From being a stealth attack plane to having only one engine while patrolling the far north in isolated areas, there are better choices. The question is why did it take the Feds seven years to figure out the obvious? This friends and neighbours is why our taxes at all levels are so high. We as Canadians get second rate service from our governments because they are so unaccountable with our taxes. Literally billions of dollars get wasted and nobody loses their job much less even eventually votes.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Oh Lordy , oh Lordy! How many different allegations and scandals can one organization withstand? Is there anyone in the country who still has respect for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police? How many young men or young women (especially) still have a desire to become part of the Mounties?

There have been a number of individual officers charged with offences and relieved of duty. There was the Pickton Inquiry preceded by sloppy police work that allowed a mass murderer to continue on for victim after victim. There was the Polish immigrant who was tasered repeatedly and died in a Canadian airport courtesy of our Mounties. Finally Cst. Galliford is neither the first nor the last female to allege systemic sexual harassment by her peers and or her superiors at the RCMP.

I have always been a great believer that shit flows downhill. Yes you can have an essentially decent organization infiltrated by the occasional bad apple. These bad apples however cannot thrive, be promoted and continue their anti social behavior unless those above are equally or more rotten. This is similar to politicians. If the self interested, self promoting, very smoothest liars get constantly moved up the ladder, who do you think they are fooling? Certainly not those who are moving them up. Like recognizes like. They are being promoted within an inherently corrupt (as in rotten) organization by those whose self interests are best served by promoting similarily honest and ethically challenged individuals.

The older I get the more I realize that many honours, promotions and endorsements by organizations and highly placed individuals are extremely suspect. An inherently corrupt political system for example, absolutely does not want honest people gaining political power and influence. The more honest people in an organization the less opportunity for the corrupt to flourish. It's all about appearance of honesty. It's all about appearance of morals and ethics. When appearance is far more important than reality then even the cleverest and most devious persons can no longer succeed in hiding all the cracks and blemishes in the organization.

Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys this story: "Officers and doctors deny allegations".

Friday, December 7, 2012


We hear these excuses all the time. School Boards won't talk about complaints about a teacher because it will undermine childrens' privacy. Childrens' Aid can't be discussed because of client confidentiality. Doctors are unaccountable because we don't want to inadvertently identify patients private health information etc. etc.. All this is bullcrap expressly designed to protect the guilty not the innocent.

In this case yesterday's Waterloo Region Record advises us that "Gag order is wrong, care worker says". These are gag orders allegedly in place to protect client's confidentiality from Home Care Agency's employees publicly criticizing a patient's care. These gag orders were recently confirmed by the Waterloo Wellington Community Care Access Centre but in fact have little to do with patient confidentiality. There are many ways to protect a client's privacy while at the same time going public with concerns about an organization's problems and shortcomings.

NDP Health critic France Gelinas is one vocal critic of these gag orders and indeed states that they do not serve either the or the clients. They are there only to serve the health care agency and protect them from criticism. I really can't remember the last time I saw or heard any organization stand up and say that one of their policies or internal rules did not benefit the public or some third party remotely; it was just for their personal benefit.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Yesterday's Opinion piece by Luisa D'Amato kind of puts things in perspective. It is titled "Teachers' job action bringing on deja vu from the 1997 strike". Luisa compares many of the issues from today between the teachers and the liberal government with the problems from twelve years ago with the Conservatives under Mike Harris. It is amazing when one looks at the similarities. Clearly Luisa has both sympathy and criticism for both sides. She refers to the "Putting Students First Act" as heavy handed while at the same time pointing out that the unions are front and centre in this dispute.

Luisa believes that indeed the teachers will go ahead with a full blown strike and that the government will follow up by ordering them back to work. keep in mind the government already have the legislation passed to do this. I guess what I take from all of this is what Luisa a week or two ago referred to as the group mentality of teachers being boneheaded. Quite frankly they may be professional teachers but they are neither worldly in their outlook nor particularily astute politically. We the taxpayers can not be expected to forever give them a far better deal than either we have or that we can afford. In other words, teachers, your halos haven't just slipped, they are rapidly heading for the mud. Just exactly what good do you think that will do you in the long run?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I truly don't see it as much to be proud of by either the Waterloo Regional Police or the Courts quite frankly. It was entrapment plain and simple and yes some people think entrapment is O.K.. I'm not one of them; however Judge LeRoy concluded the sting "did not violate society's standards of decency and fair play.". I believe she is wrong and if she's not then I suggest society's standards are .

Sgt. Robert Gibson suggested that the sting was the only probable way to determine whether Officer Robson was an upstanding officer or not. I suggest that that is complete bullshit. If you have a need to get him off the force then do it by means of his marijuana use, plain and simple. Setting him up for a criminal charge of theft was beyond the pale. Try that same stunt with one hundred people on the police force and I suspect you could thin your ranks rather dramatically. Hell try the same entrapment stunt with senior management and I'll bet you could cut your budget dramatically and quickly. Constable Robson was targeted and entrapped, bottom line. I repeat if you have to fire him for marijuana use then do the work, get the marijuana possession conviction and be done with it. This was morally and ethically reprehensible. Meanwhile where the hell is the union in all of this? Their silence seems to be out of place. Hell the teachers' unions even go to bat for child molesters so what is the matter with the police union? Are they in bed with senior management? Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys the story titled "Judge convicts police officer in marijuana sting case".

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


This is disappointing in that I can't seem to get a link to yesterday's Waterloo Region Record story titled "Truth commission taking Ottawa to court". I remember four years ago being impressed with Prime Minister Harper for apologizing for Canada's role in the Indian residential schools system and scandal. It was a typical case of a lack of transparency and accountability combined with benign neglect and criminal negligence. Indian children were treated horribly in these residential schools and they had no way out. Meanwhile the authorities blindly looked the other way and clearly could care less about those vulnerable children.

Part of the legal settlement following lawsuits against both the churches involved and the Canadian government included the establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Apparently our federal Conservative government feels that the apology and some financial compensation are adequate despite the Court's insistence upon more. Documents are supposed to be made available that have not been. What among other things that shocked me was the claim in yesterday's article that some schools had mortality rates that reached 50 per cent. One fatal goof on the highway can mean prison time. How many of the bureaucrats and government employees or even politicians do you think ever saw the inside of a jail cell for their behaviour or lack thereof causing deaths of children? Canada has no grounds to feel smug or superior in regards to how our authorities have handled vulnerable populations over the decades.

Monday, December 3, 2012


With all the neverending blather about our provincial government's nasty fall out of bed with the Teachers' unions here in Ontario, it's easy to overlook what our federal brethren are up to. If you think the provincial Liberals are shifting rightwards in nipping the bargaining and strike rights of teachers you are correct. But make no mistake they can't begin to hold a candle to the efforts of Harper's Conservatives.

Last Thursday's Waterloo Region Record carrys this story by Thomas Walkom "The right's stealth attack on union funding". Mr. Walkom sees the decades old and long accepted practice known as the Rand formula under attack by the Tories. I actually studied the Rand formula back in my university days. It was seen as a comprimise that permitted the financial stability of a union in a workplace once they had been democratically voted in by a majority of the employees and then certified by the provincial Ministry of Labour. The Rand formula named after a Supreme Court Judge states that all employees in a bargaining unit must pay union dues to their certified union whether or not they supported it in the first palce and whether or not they support it now.

Mr. Walkom believes that Bill C-377 is a veiled attack on the Rand formula. All the huffing and puffing about public accountability and exposing union financial support for various "left wing causes" is a smokescreen. The federal Tories would just love to set the stage for their provincial counterparts to introduce so called "right to work" legislation. What a joke. As if there is any such thing as a right to work in Canada. What the Conservatives/Tories really want is fewer unions and lower wages. Politicians are by nature sneaky. This is just one more example of it.

Friday, November 30, 2012


Today's Woolwich Observer has Steve Kannon's Opinion and position in regards to the recent Decision by the Ontario Municipal Board Chair regarding the Jigs Hollow Pit. The title of his piece is "OMB decision reinforces belief officials have no desire to protect public interest". Local residents feel that three members of Woolwich Council just north of Kitchener-Waterloo sold them down the river. The real blame according to Steve Kannon rests with the Ontario government who have a fake process in place merely as windowdressing. Basically the O.M.B. are there to accept gravel pit applications and the citizens wishes, opinions and even facts are given little or no weight.

According to Steve "The poor provincial record of respecting local wishes is magnified in the case of gravel pits, where the Aggregate Resources Act is practically a cudgel and the Ministry of Natural Resources seen as a defender of operators, not Ontarians.".

Sunset clauses for pits need to be accepted and implemented and to date are not. Furthermore monitoring and supervision of active pits is abysmal. Violations are highly unlikely to be dealt with properly or in a timely manner. As it now stands many Woolwich residents have just learned first hand that their governments; regional, provincial and even municipal are not working on behalf of their interests.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


What an outfit! Does the WRPS think that their actions, mistakes and or even perceptions of same don't reflect badly upon Regional politicians? Afterall who's in charge here? Is the dog (Regional gov't) wagging the tail (WRPS) or is it the other way around?

There's a tidbit of good news here and that is that this time it doesn't appear to be an individual officer or officers exhibiting human foibles, that have fallen off the rails so to speak. The bad news is that this latest embarassing problem probably goes right to the top. Can you believe that criminally charging a very well known, long term defence lawyer came from the lower ranks? Hal Mattson was charged with Obstruction of Justice two years ago. He is suing over his arrest and 3 1/2 hours he spent in custody.

Over the last several years a local lawyer by the name of Davin Charney has fairly regularily embarassed the WRPS by suing them, often in small claims court, over false arrests and similar offences. While I don't believe that he has a 100% sucess rate nevertheless he has done amazingly and embarassingly well. Now we have a 28 year veteran of the courts being arrested in public at Tim Horton's across from the Provincial Courthouse. One of Mr. Mattson's allegations is that Regional police "Used "grossly excessive" force during the arrest in a public place." I do not know if this refers to handcuffs or an actual physical "takedown". I do know having met and seen Mr. Mattson that he is not a young man any longer and that he is not built like a professional wrestler or boxer. I sincerely hope for everyone's sake that the arresting officers did not unecessarily use physical force. Quite frankly even handcuffs are ridiculous in the majority of arrests of non violent accused persons.

I have a serious suggestion for the WRPS and Regional Government. Up here in Elmira our local favourite disgusting polluter has hired the services of a public relations firm called the Sussex Group. Most especially if regional government are unable or unwilling to properly control even the appearance of malicious charges (as yet unproven) by senior police; then at the very least have professionals available to put spin on the inevitable fallout. This is a case that I hope is widely publicized and I personally hope to attend court to find out IF petty individuals within the WRPS have abused their authority and power. The article is in today's Waterloo Region Record titled "Lawyer suing police for $5.5M ".

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


On the other hand as Luisa D'Amato suggested last week, teachers en masse really are boneheads. Not all of them mind you, just the louder ones. The rest just maybe have a bigger picture view of the working world. It's not a perfect world for the lucky ones like teachers and it down right sucks for so many other non union, non professional employees. Even basic labour legislation is rarely enforced however teachers having excellent contracts and working conditions probably didn't need Bill 115 to wake them up. Clearly both sides are boneheads and have been for a very long time.

On November 24/12 another bonehead wrote into the Waterloo Region Record with this Editorial "Nothing boneheaded about dedicated teachers". This teacher has a sad story to tell regarding her personal circumstances. That is indeed unfortunate and no one wishes poor health on anyone's family. Apparently her teaching colleagues have been very helpful towards her and she objects to them being called boneheads. Obviously she is loyal to her colleagues which while admirable doesn't make them any less boneheaded.

Here is my suggestion to this letter writer who needs all her sick days and her constantly increasing pay cheque. Seriously look around and see if you can remotely find better pay, pension and benefits anywhere else. Please don't compare yourself to doctors, nurses, police officers, astronauts or professional athletes because you are none of the above. You are a teacher and your package surpasses 90% of the rest of us. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and be glad that in your personal time of need you've got a job and a union which will protect you far better than anything else the rest of us have got. As far as having a contract that has "...been earned in collective bargaining with my employer have been taken away by the government." let me say this. School Boards have been selling the farm on contracts with teachers for decades. Guess why? Because it's not their money they've been throwing at you. It's mine and ours and yes our government are ultimately in charge of education. Yes they too have pissed it away for decades and now they are trying to slow the drain. That means even heavily protected and unionized teachers may actually feel a tiny bit of pain. I feel sorry for your personal family problems but try dealing with them from the job and salary position the rest of us are in. Quite frankly my dear, you don't know squat.

Monday, November 26, 2012


I think I'm getting old or perhaps just jaded. I've just spent two hours at an Ontario Municipal Board hearing in Woolwich Council Chambers in Elmira, Ontario. A quick head count showed me about sixty residents and citizens of Woolwich Township were present. They were not in a pre-Christmas festive mood. They were not amused in any sense of the word. What I came away with was the understanding that process, procedure and rules have long replaced democracy. This is no accident.

Five local residents from the Conestogo-Winterbourne area were formal Participants at this O.M.B. hearing into the proposed Jigs Hollow Pit aka the Kuntz Pit. I've heard most of them speak to Woolwich Council over the last couple of years and as always they were prepared, intelligent and professional. Their sense of being betrayed by Woolwich Council was very clear. Their command of all the issues was incredible. After each of their presentaions to the O.M.B. they were cross-examined by the lawyer for the gravel pit proponent. This lawyer was not impressive or in my opinion credible. He asked leading questions some of which were vague and appeared occasionally to be misrepresenting the facts. All four Participants who spoke this morning were incredibly poised. Without going out of their way they made the gravel pit's lawyer look like a horse's patootie. He got caught numerous times attemting to make points and then rapidly retreating to his next argument.

Many things about this process were appalling. The statement by the O.M.B. Chair that the Board weren't too concerned with one party (the Township) reneging on their own Motion removing Recycling operations from the proposed pit last June was shocking. Similarily I was appalled at what I believe the Chair said to the proponent's lawyer that she the Chair would temper the Participant's Presentaions and cross-examination testimony with the already submitted written evidence of experts on behalf of the proponent. To me this suspiciously sounded like the Chair had more confidence in long winded, esoteric formulas and theorys presented by credentialed experts than in the common sense and logical observations and studies by the local citizens.

One of the biggest elephants in the room in any O.M.B. and or environmental hearings has always been the purchasing of professional opinions by the parties with the most money. Any and all Chairs should be putting the weight of testimony on those who are working for themselves on their own time and money. Instead in this perverted system the bought and paid for consultants reign supreme. One of the participants made it very clear that at the Settlement discussions, the interests of the local citizens were not represented. The Region, the Township and the proponent all took care of themselves while the citizens were thrown to the wolves. Yes Township Staff and a Councillor or two will be willing to defend what they did. Sixty-one people present aren't buying what they are selling. The local citizens were deceived and manipulated for the financial benefit of the few.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Today's Waterloo Region Record advises us that "G20 activist claims jail violates human rights code". If I were two or three decades younger and as naive as I was at that time I would be either appalled or laughing out loud at that headline. For me it would have been similar to a headline stating something obviously ridiculous such as convicted pedophile and mass murderer claims discrimination in his incarceration.

Ah but having seen all our wonderful government bureaucracies and departments and ministries in action over a period of decades; I can only say God help us all for they are truly awful. Ms. Hiscocks claims that the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services are unfair and discriminatory in their designations as to which inmates are assigned to maximum security. I suppose that logic would dictate that things like a history of violence or a history of escapes would be a fairly good classification method. Of course what to do if for example you've got lots of room in the maximum security wing and not so much in the medium security wings. I would think that this is where a certain amount of subjectivity could go a long way towards solving the problem. Lets see now: how about dark skinned women with poor communication skills plus as a bonus if they aren't Canadian citizens being designated as maximum security.

There see, the problem is solved. Now if only the Ontario Correctional Services had me on the payroll I would have saved them the annoying problem of Ms. Hiscocks complaint. Afterall she is white and has good communication skills as indicated by her Blog and her job at OPIRG (Ontario Public Interest Research Group). Putting her in maximum security was just stupid. Not having a process and a rationale for these decisions is just stupid. Refusing to share it with inmates is of course part and parcel of the dehumanization process and therefore helpful in justifying locking up non violent citizens for organizing, counselling and political resistance activities.

I have a further thought. I truly hope that our fair minded and honest prison authorities don't get the bright idea of treating Ms. Hiscocks in a similar way as they did Ashley Smith. Ms. Smith kept getting her sentence increased due to in house charges. It would be an incredible coincidence if a model prisoner transferred from maximum to medium security for good behaviour suddenly was "naughty" a few days after her complaint to the Human Rights Commission became known to the authorities. It would almost give the impression of a lack of accountability and transparency by a bunch of extremely petty and vindictive bureaucrats.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Today's Waterloo Region Record has an Opinion piece by Luisa D'Amato titled "Some advice for unhappy teachers". Luisa's first two sentences are worth quoting namely "Almost every teacher that I know personally is a wonderful individual- generous, kind, hard-working, knowledgeable. So how come they can turn into such boneheads when they act as a group?".

Oh Luisa that is precious and oh so true. I believe there's an area of study known as group dynamics. Perhaps that might explain how like thinking people can and will act stupidly in a group but when on their own are much more careful in their behaviour.

Long story short Luisa is basically advising teachers as a whole to use their numbers and their "considerable political muscle" to affect the upcoming Liberal leadership convention to choose a leader more to their liking. In my opinion that means another individual who will sell out Ontarians without "considerable political muscle" to those who have it ie. teachers. This by the way reinforces my posting of the other day (Tues. Nov. 20/12) in regards to income being a factor not of individual skills as much as due to abilty to out muscle other groups ie brute political power.

Finally Luisa is politely asking teachers to quit using children and students as pawns in their neverending political fights to extract more from provincial taxpayers.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


In their neverending search for easy revenues, our governments are merely keeping one step ahead of organized crime. Indeed smoking, drinking and gambling have all been under the control of organized crime at one time or another. Once governments figure out how not to offend half the voters en masse, then I expect they will take over prostitution as well.

I attended an OLG presentation last evening at the Woolwich Memorial Centre in Elmira, Ontario. It was slick, smooth and almost not repulsive. The OLG reps kept assuring the audience that they and the government, working hand in hand are ensuring that their products are for entertainment purposes only and no one gets harmed. The Municipal government gets a cut for being the host community and lo and behold even police chiefs are lining up to give endorsements. The hypocrisy is nearly enough to make one choke. It's gambling and like most sins can be a lot of fun. Our governments who in my opinion have long abandoned the moral high ground are essentially pimping. Why shouldn't they you ask? They pimp for polluters, they pimp for financial thieves , speculators, developers and the like. The purpose of government is pimping for the monied interests while sucessfully selling it as good for the masses.

Is there anything good that can be said about gambling? Well yes there is. It is a form of income distribution from the desperate, the well off, the stupid and addicted to just about everyone else. If a slots and gaming centre can pull out $40M from a community and then give back $2 million to the municipality; well good for them. All the games are essentially rigged grossly in favour of the House. It's just about a license to print money and as P.T. Barnum once said "There's one born every minute".

All this being said once again the community will probably be divided. Many will legitimately want the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) to come to their community. Many will be opposed on legitimate religious or moral grounds. Me I don't even buy lottery tickets now because the odds are bad. If they come to town I will be disappointed although not surprised. Personally I hope they stay in Elora.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Yesterday's Waterloo Region Record carrys this opinion piece by Thomas Walkom titled "Why the one per cent has it all and the rest of us don't". Mr. Walkom is studying a paper produced by a political scientist at George Brown College. Mr. Walkom states that this paper surmises "-that income is not distributed through the competitive magic of the impersonal market, but through naked power struggles in institutions that are near monopolistic. Think National Hockey league." WOW!

Society is becoming more unequal for a variety of reasons including corporate concentration. In other words as large corporations absorb smaller ones, competition including in prices goes out the window. Also the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) takes a lot of the blame; just about as exactly its'critics at the time suggested. Canada's manufacturing base has gone south, east and west courtesy of Free Trade with Mexico, the U.S. and China. Thank you very much Canadian politicians who have sold out to your monied pals leaving most Canadians worse off. Greater foreign investment combined with fewer viable unions has exacerbated the inequality problem. All in all it's been a twenty year very sucessful program to shift wealth upwards into fewer and fewer hands. Expect more of the same.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Democracy is merely one more political attempt by the minority to control the wealth of the majority of citizens in a country. Monarchys, Dictatorships, right wing military juntas, left wing socialist or communist states; they are all the same thing. A minority who feel they are smarter, stronger and wealthier than the other 95% of the citizens want to be in charge. Make no mistake, even in a democracy, elections are bought. Why do you think the United Staes have two major parties only? Why do you think Canada has only three? Money. It is the key to opening the doors to power. How many "independents" ever get elected in Canada? Look carefully even at your local municipal politicians. Most of them are affiliated with the NDP, Liberals or Conservatives. Can anyone join these parties? Essentially yes but these individual members do not make party platforms. They try and they send motions and ratificiations to the provincial and national bodies who consider them, maybe.

Democracy is messy. That is one of the reasons it is rejected by many powerful and wealthy elites around the world. Citizens often get it wrong. They mess up and can't always be trusted to blindly follow the bought and paid for road laid out for them. Sometimes as when the economy is in the dumpster they just arbitrarily kick the government of the day out on their butts. Not that they or anybody else actually think that the winning party will do any better. See, messy.

Here's the good thing about democracy. If you can play the game, abide by the rules (mostly) and win; then you can claim legitimacy. You are truly and honestly the peoples' representatives. You have the moral high ground. At least for the moment. You absolutely will have to lie, cheat and rob them blind during the course of your tenure in order to solidify your support and financial ability to fight the next election. While in power you can modify the rules to your liking while having to tolerate some media and some activists throwing stones, but mostly the majority aren't interested until the next election.

Here however is the commonality amongst vastly different political systems. The Arab spring has most recently brought this to the forefront. Eventually the people will get fed up. They will know if they are being lied to, too much. They will know if they are being robbed too much. And they will rebel. In the middle east a lot of it started and ended with peaceful mass protests and where that didn't work they engaged in violent response to the inherent violence of the state. Inherent violence by the way of all states, democratic or autocratic. A government of the 1-5% wealthy and powerful elite can not rule without police and military available to them from time to time. But when push comes to shove the 95-99% will win. This is the overiding fear of autocracys and dictatorships everywhere. The results are usually bloody. This is the one huge advantage of democracies. Regieme changes can and do occur. The ruling elite are not physically exterminated. They live to fight another day. The bad news is that the new regieme is usually inherently no better than the old. Merely different and at least for a little while a lot more careful. It is the older, long term entrenched governments who become complacent and arrogant. Until the pressure relief valve of elections comes along.

Keep in mind that our home grown politicians are skilful liars in order to convince citizens that they their duly elected representatives are working on their behalf. Imagine being the only party permitted in a country. Imagine being an allegedly benevolent dictator or monarchy. The level of lying and deceit is even more difficult under those conditions. Give credit where it is due. Stephen Harper and his crew should start taking lessons from some of the more blatant liars around the world. Or maybe they already are.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Today's Waterloo Region Record informs us that "BP to pay $4.5 B over Gulf oil disaster". That seemed to me to be an impressive figure. We all know how evironmentally damaging that blowout was. We also all know that eleven BP workers lost their lives. Finally it's become common knowledge that there was negligence involved beforehand followed by less than stellar honesty to Congress by BP afterwards.

Then I read in the same article that BP made $25.8 billion in profits last year. This settlement with the government amounts to less than 20% of one year's profits for the company. I compare this with a personal award against myself many years ago. The award related to a Libel suit in which the good judge decided I had libelled a teacher. He did this despite eight other parents testifying on my behalf. No one died. The victims according to the parents who testified were their children (and mine). My income was around $30,000 per year. The award was for $604,000 or more than twenty years of my earnings because a judge decided that I hurt a teacher's feelings and or reputation. I had no money for an appeal whereas the teacher and her business owner husband were well off.

So less than 20% of BP's annual income. Add eleven deaths and immeasureable environmental damage versus hurt feelings and allegedly reputation and I should pay greater than twenty years of my salary. Even if the judgement was accurate, which it wasn't, the fine/award was idiotic. The judge was ridiculous, biased and incompetent. These are the kinds of decisions which put the administration of justice into disrepute.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Foreign workers are cheap, easily controllable labour

I'm sorry but neither our Federal nor Provincial governments can keep on speaking out of both sides of their mouths. This is in regards to temporary foreign workers in Canada. Today's Waterloo Region Record has a opinion piece by Tim Harper titled "Treat foreign workers with fairness". Gee only in Canada you say. I really don't know what planet Mr. Harper is from. Yes the title sounds almost humane, liberal even. Is it actually 2012 and we aren't treating foreign workers properly? Holy crap I've got news for you Mr. Harper. There is no law currently being enforced in Canada right now that guarantees any such thing for non union workers (ie. the majority) in this country. Why the hell should foreign, temporary workers get a better deal than born and bred Canadian workers?

Recently here in the Advocate I posted a story about a Chinese mining company in British Columbia advertising for workers fluent in Mandarin. Mr. Harper refers to it in his article. Regarding my rhetorical question at the end of the preceding paragraph; foreign workers don't get a better deal. Afterall why do you think employers want them? They'll work for less. Less everything. They are more desperate than most Canadian workers and show me a desperate person who won't undercut the going rate if it will get him the job.

Here's where the sucking and blowing comes in. Our governments tell us that our home grown native sons and daughters are afforded a world class education here. To the best of my knowledge our native Canadian sons and daughters are generally born with one head, two arms and hands and two legs and feet. What competitive advantage do foreign workers have over Canadians? Oh yeah, they are more desperate. Or would our politicians, they of the indexed pensions, short work weeks and no accountability while on the public payroll, perhaps like to tell us that our sons and daughters lack the will to work? Would they like to tell us that our sons and daughters are inferior, mentally, physically or emotionally for these jobs? Would they like to tell us that our sons and daughters are too spoiled to get their hands dirty? Do they forget that Canadians came to Canada from originally Great Britain, Ireland and Scotland? Do Irish immigrants from the potatoe famine that literally killed millions in Ireland tell their children and grandchildren, now don't get your hands dirty? How about European immigrants after World War Two? Are we to believe that they or their descendants have an aversion to honest labour?

What I believe is that our politicians at both levels are simply damned liars looking out for the interests of their benefactors. Their benefactors are not you and I. Their benefactors are corporations here in Canada who have set up shop for the purpose of bleeding every nickel they possibly can out of Canada. If they are in a labour intensive industry then that means sucessfully lobbying politicians for labour policies that will benefit them and their wealthy colleagues. Throwing sucessive generations of workers under the bus is a time honoured method of maximizing your profits. Keeping unemployment high, labour unions weak; all the while bringing in either immigrants or temporary workers is all in a day's manipulation of the citizenry. Lying to the voters is a time honoured tradition and here in Canada our politicians are world class at that.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


At least that's what the title in today's Waterloo Region Record says namely : "Ashley Smith inquest appears on track". My first comment is oh yeah where do I get a government job that lets me adjourn on November the thirteenth for my Christmas and New Year's break. Seriously folks you had to adjourn yesterday until the new Year??? It's been more than five years since she died in custody.

The good news is that Correctional Service Canada and four psychiatrists now appear to be cooperating with the inquest. This is the fallacy of our so called judicial system. If you have the political power, muscle and public funds to back you up, you can sucessfully subvert the system for years on end. This by the way is not unintentional from the get go. Most of our laws, rules and regulations are designed with loopholes and escape routes for the powerful and wealthy. Afterall who do you think writes the legislation in the first place? It sure as hell isn't you or me and it's done by parties who are recipients of corporate and wealthy individuals' donations along the way.

If indeed it was the intervention of Prime Minister Harper or not, clearly since his comments things have been moving along better. It kind of makes you wonder if he'd bothered say five years ago, maybe this inquest would be finished and others currently incarcerated would be better treated as a result. The wealthy will never have any problem accessing legal representation or even private medical facilities for family members with mental health problems. The rest of us are stuck with the state's usual response which is to throw their butts in jail. A prime example would be the young man currently serving seventeen years in jail without parole for the unprovoked attack upon an elderly total stranger (Hunter Brown) a few years ago. With all due respect to Mr. Brown's family; can anyone seriously doubt that the murderer, without any apparent motive whatsoever, is extremely mentally ill? Maybe he can never be reintegrated into society. I don't know; but throwing him into jail rather than a mental health institution isn't going to help anyone.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys this story "Police Officer demoted for pot offences". There are a number of interesting items in this article which I would like to point out. Firstly Supt. Paul Pedersen of York Regional Police stated "She no longer feels she must fit in with the bravado (police) culture". This Supt. was part of the police tribunal which imposed the demotion and drug testing sentence upon Officer Falsetto. This is an interesting admission that I think should be seriously considered and looked into. Clearly this Officer and others have not been well served by that culture. Secondly Supt. Pedersen stated that he felt that public confidence could be restored through the "transparent" tribunal process. O.K. personally I'm a great believer in transparency and yes I'll go so far as to say that it does help restore confidence. But.... I'd really like to know the history, say the past twenty years at the Waterloo Regional Police. Have these multiple issues and problems with our Officers over the last few years been aberations or is this just an ongoing merry go round?

Constable Falsetto is alleged to have had a mental illness (depression) for a considerable length of time. The impression given by her and other officers mentioned in the Record was that she and they received little or no support at work. I would like to know if that is agreed/disputed and regardless if the WRPS are intending to increase timely assistance and intervention with their officers prior to a crisis occuring. We would all like to think that our officers are physically, emotionally and mentally more stable, not less, than the majority of the rest of us. The proof is in the pudding as far as public confidence in the Waterloo Regional Police Force. Let's see over the next few years whether officer breakdowns or crises can be handled in a more professional, proactive manner. Officers breaking the law, even unpopular laws are tough to swallow. Officers on the job who are hurting big time mentally or emotionally are a time bomb waiting to go off.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys this opinion piece from Thomas Walkom titled "Ottawa loves veterans- if they don't cost money". Quoting Mr. Walkom "Disabled veterans had to take Ottawa to court once to stop it clawing back portions of their pensions. Now a separate group of vets is suing the government over another pension issue- Ottawa's decision to replace lifetime disability pensions with a cheaper, one-time, lump sum payment.". Clearly this is not a government with veterans' interests at heart. Apparently there is a book out titled "Warrier Nation" written by a historian from Queen's University which suggests that Harper's focus on past Canadian military accomplishments is really all about rebranding Canada more along Conservative ideology. Mr. Walkom bluntly is suggesting that the Conservative Party may talk fairness to veterans and poor or disabled Canadians but the proof is in the pudding. They aren't remotely interested in any of them .

Friday, November 9, 2012


Sketchy! That's how my kids would describe this situation. Today's Waterloo Region Record advises us "Harassment, other charges dropped against G20 protester". Quoting Dan Kellar's lawyer, Davin Charney, "It is fundamental that people be free to criticize police. The charges were laid to muzzle an activist. This is a case of police abuse of power and criminalization of dissent.".

Holy crap, here in Canada you say. The charges which were dropped by Prosecuter Jason Miller yesterday in Toronto included harassment, intimidation and counselling to commit assault. They were related to two undercover police officers who infiltrated various Kitchener-Waterloo activists groups prior to the G20 conference in Toronto in June 2010. This kind of politically motivated attempt to criminalize dissent is exactly what local activist Julian Ichim has been proclaiming both in his own case and that of other local activists.

Yours truly went through something similar fifteen years ago. In that instance I was protesting educational malfeasance by the School Board and essentially they called upon their buddies at the Waterloo Regional Police to straighten me out. This included something like eleven different Trespass charges as well as a criminal charge of Obstruct Police. The criminal charge was beyond contemptible and fortunately I had tape recorded my conversation with police prior to being arrested and charged. The Crown I will say had enough common sense and decency to immediately drop these charges.

The bottom line in my case is similar with Dan Kellar's in that I was criticizing the educational establishment and he the police establishment. The last two sentences of Davin Charney's in the first paragraph are dead on the money namely "The charges were laid to muzzle an activist. This is a case of police abuse of power and criminalization of dissent.". That is the ongoing shame in this province and country. Activists can and are harassed by the judicial system simply because they are criticizing the powers that be. What kind of a democracy do we really have when dissent and criticism are criminalized by the authorities merely to hide from that criticism?

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Ooh this is fun. I could add a whole lot of words after impotent in the title which would be both accurate and insulting but I will rein in my enthusiasm for the current mess we are in courtesy of all our "partners in education". I think I will puke if I hear McGuinty or anyone else use that expression again. I could live with "partners in exploitation" or "partners in manipulation", "deception" etc.. Literally for decades the education establishment has considered both children and parents as unfortunate but necessary cogs in the wheel. Not stakeholders; definitely not stakeholders mind you, merely cogs. Parents are there to get their kids ready for school in the mornings and to ooh and ahh over the latest education flavour of the month nonsense. Parents most definitely are not there to actively participate as equal partners in their childrens' education. Parents are not so subtly told to butt out and leave it all to the educational professionals.

Here is the direct result of decades of the tails (plural) wagging the dog. Yesterday's Waterloo Region Record has an Opinion piece by Luisa D'Amato titled "Boards merely bystanders in teachers' standoff". Luisa's facts are accurate as she describes the gradual reduction in the power and authority of our School Boards. Where I respectfully disagree with her is in her suggestion that this is a bad thing. Luisa has spent years if not decades writing about our local school boards and I would suggest writing critically, especially of our public school board. I often describe the incestuous relationship in Elmira between Chemtura (Uniroyal) and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment as "partners in pollution". Regarding the teachers' unions and the public board I would suggest that "partners in self aggrandizement and self benefit" is totally appropriate. Therefore the moves by the Province over the years to fix this very badly broken educational scenario are all to the good. Don't get me wrong here however. There are no white knights involved. Our provincial politicians are also petty and venal. They are only motivated by votes and public opinion. It is truly a wonder our educational system hasn't totally imploded. Give it time perhaps.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Oh for the good old days; maybe a hundred years ago. Constable Robson done wrong so fire his ass. End of story! Pretty clearly those attitudes are alive and well and flourishing at the Waterloo Regional Police headquarters. Constable Robson was abusing alcohol and marijuana off duty and when his alleged superiors set a criminal trap for him, he did the deed. He stole two ounces of confiscated marijuana. It was actually a pretty clever trap at that. Nobody apparently was going to complain if two ounces of marijuana confiscated from a teenager disappeared for the officer's recreational/medicinal use were they?

Maybe there are larger issues at play. Should every single police officer in Canada who has ever smoked marijuana be charged and fired? Why are some officers charged and others not when they are caught? If the answer to the first question is the same if you substitute citizen for police officer then we have a systemic problem. The reason every single citizen isn't charged (or fired) is because we have mass disobedience of the law and the law in its infinite majesty and splendour would appear the ass by throwing half or two thirds of Canadian citizens in jail. This particular law is virtually ignored by most and in fact is only necessary to keep Police Force budgets inflated and Police Force brass looking busy. Take marijuana out of the criminal system and you've cut your police budgets dramatically. It's downright embarassing for Police Brass to realize that their own officers don't support the law in private. Are all these recent marijuana possession charges no more than face saving? I mean really; three separate police forces to get an off duty officer using marijuana to steal/take two ounces.

It's pretty clear that the Police Brass don't give a rats' (br)ass for Officer Robson. They are throwing him to the wolves. There are less drastic ways to deal with an Officer in distress. If indeed the distress was primarily caused by on the job incidents or not, nevertheless this isn't the middle ages or even a hundred years ago. Yes he needed time off the streets and he needed help for his problems. The Waterloo Regional Police instead threw him a concrete life ring. I don't see much integrity or honour on their part. Today's Waterloo Regional Record "Police officer's lawyer says drug sting unfair".

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Back on Septemebr 12/12 Luisa D'Amato wrote an Opinion piece basically praising techers overall. I commented here in the Advocate that it was a moving testimonial to the positive influence teachers have on our children. At the same time Luisa suggested that the techers really should try and take the high road in regards to their dispute with Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty.

It's my opinion that McGuinty basically handed them the high ground with his perogation of the Ontario legislature and suspension of legislation. Unfortunately today's Waterloo Region Record informs us that "Teachers set for job action". The high ground basically meant not using students as pawns in their battle with the province. Apparently that isn't going to happen.

Coincidentally I was speaking just yesterday to a retired teacher whom I've known for many years. He had learned of local proposed "action" about to occur at our nearby high school. He was mostly disappointed with his former union. Basically he understands how good all the teachers had it under the provincial Liberal administration for many years. Now he suspects that the teachers union actions are going to backfire and drive voters towards Tim Hudak and the Conservatives. He's probably right and boy then the teachers just might wake up and smell the coffee. Job "action" now will not gain them public support whatsoever. Just the exact opposite.

Monday, November 5, 2012


The expression coined a few decades back was that government regulaters had been "captured" by the alleged regulated industries. A prime recent example would be XL Foods in Alberta. Government inspectors were relying on data sent them by this meat packing plant to determine compliance with health and safety regulations. We all know how that worked out with the E-coli crisis.

I'm going to quote the last four sentences in an Ontario Ministry of the Environment document I received (and dated) October 31, 2012.


The purpose of the preceding review is to provide advice to the Ministry of the Environment regarding subsurface conditions based on a review of the information provided in the above referenced documents. The conclusions, opinions and recommendations of the reviewer are based on information provided by others. The Ministry cannot guarantee that the information that has been provided by others is accurate or complete. A lack of specific comments by the reviewer is not to be construed as endorsing the content or views expressed in the reviewed material.

The "...provided by others..." above refers to Conestoga Rovers (CRA), long time consultants to Chemtura in Elmira, Ontario. "The Ministry cannot guarantee that the information that has been provided by others (CRA) is accurate or complete.".

Funny but I thought that was exactly what you (M.O.E.) had been asked to do; namely verify or confirm the accuracy and completeness of CRA's August 29, 2012 Memorandum. The two page "Review of potential DNAPL ocurrence at OW57-32R" was written by Jaimie Connolly, Senior Hydrogeologist to the Ontario M.O.E.. His entire Review plus conclusions & opinions is based on information provided by CRA and yet he can not guarantee that that information provided by CRA is accurate or complete. Therefore his Review is meaningless. His review is inherently moot. The Ontario M.O.E. are moot. The entire Elmira "claenup" is moot.

Do us a favour M.O.E. and go away. You are as useless as tits on a bull.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Today's Waterloo Region Advocate advises us that red light cameras are a crock. The story by Jeff Outhit is titled "Red light cameras are not making us safer". Oh this is just such a surprise. Our traffic enforcement has been stupid for the fourty years plus I've been driving and I don't expect much improvement before I hang up the car keys. Our idiotic focus on nothing but speeding has always been merely a money grab. Our lack of enforcement of drinking and driving for many decades should have been the clearest evidence and indication that the people in charge of road safety are complete idiots.

How bright do you really have to be? Look around and pay attention while you are driving. Roundabouts are a brilliant idea for the 40-50% of the people who both know how to drive and also know that includes paying attention. I've used the term HUA for decades. HUA causes both minor and major accidents. It's an acronym for Head Up Ass and applies to about 50% of all drivers on the road. They are too damn busy talking to passengers, watching accidents on the side of the road, talking on cellphones or just plain daydreaming while driving. Get our police the hell off the radar guns on dry, sunny days and start watching the idiots in the roundabouts. Watch them literally wandering back and forth between lanes as they drive through the roundabout. Watch the particularily stupid ones do that after having their right signal on at the very start, fooling drivers behind into thinking that they are turning right and immediately exiting the roundabout. Actually hand out tickets to the idiots who put on their turn signals either after they've stopped or as they are making a rolling right hand turn. Watch how pedestrians nearly get hit by these idiots who don't signal their intentions.

So red light cameras are actually causing more accidents and more injuries. Oh what a surprise. They are also making money for companies and governments so don't expect their removal anytime soon. The buck stops at the top and when your politicians are self centred and stupid, count on all your government services to be similar especially police services. Traffic safety is just one more pretend concern of governments and as long as drivers' licenses continue to be handed out like popcorn to the inept and incompetent, don't expect any improvement. Most of these people aren't properly trained in the first place and sure as hell the police won't pull them over and explain things for them. Oh sorry, unless they happen to be doing 62 km/hour in a 50 zone in broad daylight on a dry road.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Today's Waterloo Region Record has this front page story "PM calls Smith case a "tragedy". The sub title is "Says prison system's actions "completely unacceptable"". Ooh strong words from our Prime Minister, just about five years or more late. More shame on him, the Federal Correctional Service of Canada and finally on our Waterloo Regional police who decided that standing idly by and watching a teenager strangle to death, without offerring assistance, is not a criminal offence.

There isn't a legal duty to put one's own life in jeopardy to save another but there most certainly is a legal duty when there isn't immediate jeopardy to assist a fellow citizen and human being in mortal danger. That allegedly properly trained prison guards would stand back and accept idiotic orders not to intervene until Ashley Smith was no longer breathing, is beyond criminal. Both the guards and the superiors giving those orders need to be brought to justice. That our Regional Police would not lay charges five years ago is an abomination. Were they so in awe of Federal jurisdiction? Were they so in awe of the chain of command? Or is all of this simply their complete lack of respect for the humanity of a prisoner? Hell may have a special place for the guilty in this case.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Riot gear, air masks, restraints, batons, tranquilizers, threats and more. I don't know what is the most repugnant behaviour on the video. Is it the guards behaviour or the nurses? Is it the handcuffs or the duct tape? I don't believe it would be legal to transport an animal anywhere even for five minutes, the way Ashley Smith was transported back and forth across the country.

Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys this story "Smith videos screened at inquest". Is it any wonder that the Correctional Service of Canada didn't want these videos entered as evidence? How sick of a society are we if we allow this to go away without our authorities being held accountable? How sick are we if this tragedy doesn't demand changes at CSC? Keep in mind this is all above and beyond what happened the day she died. Is it any wonder she wanted out? I am disgusted.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


A few years back a major Canadian magazine named Quebec as the most corrupt province. There were the expected howls of outrage by various illuminaries in Quebec but seriously; who took them seriously? The public inquiry into political and construction corruption is shining a light in some dark corners, particularily dark Montreal corners. Last Thursday's Waterloo Region Record published this story "Not my job", "Montreal mandarin tells inquiry that kickbacks were't his problem".

Basically a city engineer (Gilles Surprenant) has confirmed that he received cash kickbacks for helping to rig bids for municipal construction contracts. Naturally of course the inflated bids all came out of the taxpayers' pockets. Isn't it ever so? It's funny but most provinces learned long ago how to fleece their taxpayers with only minor bending of the rules. I guess Quebec are simply more advanced than the other provinces in the fine tradition of screwing citizens and taxpayers, by those in charge. Perhaps there's a fine line between politics as usual and criminal activity. Maybe the line gets crossed a lot more than we think but provided the greed is at least a little under control, it doesn't get publicly exposed. I mean really, do you think just as a hypothetical example that our Waterloo Region politicians would want to advertise if they caught one of their colleagues dipping his beak, fingers in the cookie jar, wetting his whistle etc.?

It seems as if this ONE civil servant has received more than $700,000 in kickbacks over the years. I'd suggest that Waterloo Region send some municipal and regional employees down east to give pointers on legal beak dipping but am concerned that it could backfire and they might pick up some pointers from La Belle Province that would increase our taxes here even more. Better leave well enough alone.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Oh boy oh boy! What exactly is going on here? If legitimately this officer indulged in marijuana use only and there were no on the job misbehaviours I can understand the decision to keep her on the force, albeit with a demotion. Adding to the recognition for mercy are two doctor's reports and further evidence suggesting that she was depressed and under serious stress. My concerns however are multiple. Will each and every other officer charged under the Police act for marijuana use be treated equally? Also why were other officers charged both under the Police Act as well as criminally for marijuana use? Is there some favouritism going on?

There is also a huge hypocrisy issue here. What kind of a law ie. marijuana possesion can be apparently broken on an ongoing basis by officers who while on duty charge people criminally for possessing it? Is it about time that the average citizen who is depressed and stressed out also be given a break?

Personally I don't know what kind of an officer this woman is and I recognize that the demotion is an extremely financially costly one. I just hope she gets her act together, does her job proud from here on and finally that any and all officers in the same or similar boat get treated equally. This story is in yesterday's Waterloo Region Record.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys this story "OPP, government not helping traumatized officers, ombud says". Boy the timing of this article certainly fits in with the plethora of local police officers behaving badly including self medication with alcohol and marijuana. Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin is not impressed with the OPP brass as he states "What we've heard from the OPP is a lot of craptrap and drivel, and very little action,". Incredibly more OPP officers have comitted suicide over the last twenty years plus than have died on duty as a result of dangers of their job. Furthermore apparently the OPP have one psychologist for its entire force of 6,152 officers. Finally Marin states "Police battle with depression, anxiety, nightmares, addictions and post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as a culture that tells them they should "suck it up".

Governments and bureaucracy in this country have inflicted a terrible price on human beings simply because they are not transparent and are not accountable. This price for the stupidity of those in charge has been the loss of life of officers in need of help.


Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys this story "Ruling on videos allows Smith inquest to proceed". Divisiomal court Justice Joan Lax dismissed the Federal government's request for a stay of proceedings while they further argued the admissability of videos showing the treatment of Ashley Smith prior to her death. Specifically they show her being ductaped to an airplane seat and injecting her with chemical restraints. These tapes are part of evidence that will show how Ms. Smith was treated in prisons outside of Ontario.

Keep in mind it is both Correctional Services of Canada as well as the federal Tory government who bear responsibility here. Vic Toews, public safety minister is suggesting that the coroner's inquest "...will examine the facts and close the book on what has been a tragic incident,". I suggest that the closing of the book may very well be more of a slamming of the book and could seriously damage careers, excuses and credibilty throughout Correctional Services and the federal government. As well it should.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


"Prison authorities wanted the videos of a dying Smith held from public view". This quote comes from today's Waterloo Region Record article titled "Feds fight release of prison video". What's the matter Stephen Harper, our federal Conservative government and Correctional Services of Canada? Are you ashamed? Are you afraid that your callous, non compasionate care of prisoners in your custody and totally under your control will have to change? Are you afraid that your demonization and dehumanization of young, immature and possibly mentally ill inmates is in jeopardy?

Is this in custody and totally preventable and unnecessary death going to cost you bastards votes? Is that the bottom line? Way too many normally apathetic Canadians are going to be shocked and repulsed by a culture in our prisons which reflects the true morals and ethics of our federal authorities. It just isn't fair is it, that one young woman, in death, can expose the society that our politicians are tearing down, one brick at a time.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Justice in this country died a long time ago and Democracy is close behind. Shame on each and every individual involved in the treatment of Ashley Smith.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The good news first. Our College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario recognizes "incompetence" as an issue requiring intervention and possible correction. I would be very surprised if our Ontario College of Teachers did the same. With doctors, incompetence can literally be fatal and fatal quickly. With teachers incompetence is held in much less concern. I mean really how many school boards check an applicant's public and high school English marks for example to determine if the newly minted teacher with say a degree in history can actually competently and correctly string two English sentences together? Before university degrees were required I'll bet lots of teachers who passed teacher's college were barely literate and had flunked math or english all the way through school. At least the ones now who are illiterate at least must be smart enough to fake it.

Yesterday's Waterloo Region Record carrys this story "College keeping doctor's errors secret". Here's what's going on folks. Doctors and teachers have political pull and power. They have it and they use it. We all know our current running and hiding Premier McGuinty became known as the Education Premier because he pandered to the Teachers' unions and lobby. Keep in mind they also have a ton of money for political donations and support. Yes it is our money originally and yes my son, in a democracy you can and politicians do buy votes and support, everyday and all the time. Doctors and teachers aren't the only culprits just the most egregious. These professions and others (including police) are supposed to be servants of the public whom they serve. Fat chance of that folks! They and our governments are in bed together for their benefit and generally to the detriment of the public. Read this article that I've linked to and ask how such an incompetent doctor (Dr. John Pariag) "bungled" so many procedures resulting in death and further injury to patients.

I lost a friend a few years back who was rushed to one of our local hospitals. He had sufferred a non fatal heart attack; was given blood thinners and then bled to death on the operating table. Does anybody really think that hiding either errors or incompetence improves the system or future health care? The other overiding reason to stop hiding errors and incompetence is for the benefit of the majority of professionals who are focused, serious and competent. They do not deserve to be tarred by the same brush which the public are slowly realizing has been used to keep the minority of bad doctors, lawyers, teachers etc. out of sight.

Monday, October 22, 2012


You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people all the time. It looks as if Premier Dalton McGuinty's logic/reasoning behind suspending the legislature is full of holes. Two political columnists in today's Waterloo Region Record aren't buying what he is selling. The first article by Geoffrey Stevens is titled "McGuinty's exit less than graceful" and the second by Thomas Walkom is "McGuinty's explanation to suspend legislature makes no sense".

Quoting Geoffrey Stevens "In the meantime, the legislature is padlocked. Stealing a page from that artful dodger, the prime minister, McGuinty has prorogued the legislature for an indefinite period." Apparently it seems as if our premier has the same morals and scruples as our prime minister, which isn't saying much. Further Mr. Stevens states "The stated reason is to create a cooling-off period while he negotiates a resolutuion to the public service impasse. The real reason is to deny opposition members an amplifier with which to yammer away about the hydro scandal ...". In other words shut down the legislature and shut down the opposition parties criticism. Goodbye democracy.

Thomas Walkom is equally critical of our premier. "What prorogation does is to stop the bleeding. It forestalls the daily newspaper stories focusing on government incompetence...". Further he adds "The real story is that this government desperately wants the legislature shut down. It just isn't willing to give a credible reason why."

As previously stated here in the Advocate, these are the final nails in the coffin of democracy. Our barely and unethically elected minority governments can shut down government and democracy at will. We the citizens are finally fully captive to our dirty politicians.

Friday, October 19, 2012


This is getting ridiculous. Today's Waterloo Region Record has two more cases of alleged misconduct involving Regional Police Officers. The one story is titled "No record for police officer who leaked report in drug case" and the other is titled "Officer fights to have conduct charges dropped.". Both cases indicate either horrible judgement, incompetence or stupidity. That's the best case scenario. The worst case for both officers would be much more insidious and would involve some kind of criminal intent involved.

Brian Caldwell informs us that the first case involving Const. Craig Markham is in regards to him providing confidential information to a friend who was charged with an offence. Judge Norman Douglas gave Const. Markham a conditional discharge on the officer's guilty plea to a breach of trust charge. Const. Markham still faces Police Service act charges.

In the second case Const. Amy Hodgson was charged under the Police Act with discreditable conduct and neglect of duty. Apparently her testimony in court did not match her notes taken at the time of the arrest of the accused. There were concerns that the officer's poor performance on the stand might be related to the maternity leave shwe was on at the time of the trial. Eventually the prosecuter chose to go ahead with her complaint to the police although now there is an issue before this Tribunal dealing with time constraints upon the laying of Police Act charges. All in all this second case appears to me to be far more problematic than the first. Could the officer's poor ability at trial have been related to stress, nerves, sleeplessness etc.? Does the apparent screwup of the laying of Police Act charges make those same charges for neglect of duty against the officer seem inherently ridiculous?

Is there any issue of proper supervision involved in either of these cases? Is there a lack of training or even of proper peer assistance to officers involved? Are all these charges and alleged misconduct over the last couple of years normal for police forces the size of ours? How can anyone maintain their confidence in the professionalism of our police with ongoing, repeat incidences?

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Which basically is to say the buggers should all be thrown in jail first and then see if they can see the need for a few improvements from an insider's perspective. Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys this story "Mothers protest harsh conditions for women in jails". A protest was held outside outside the Ottawa offices of Ontario Correctional Services Minister Madeline Meilleur. They were protesting the birth of a child on the floor of a segregation cell at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre on September 29/12. The mother's screams for help are alleged to have gone unanswered for hours. In my opinion each and every person on duty or not that day, who were present during that time, should be thrown in jail first and foremost.

The Correctional Minister has suggested that the incident was an isolated one. Oh isn't that just so reassuring. In other words in any given week or month you don't have female prisoners giving birth in their jail cells. I'm just feeling so much better about the care and professionalism being exhibited by the authorities now. Prisoners, male and female, die in custody and not of old age. This is one more example of a total lack of transparency and accountability within our government services. Clearly the authorities are of the opinion that prisoners get what they deserve. Ashley Smith proves that Canada doesn't need a death penalty for prisoners, even those convicted or charged for minor crimes. In this case apparently our authorities really don't care if newborn children live or die in jail. Their treatment of both mother and child makes the most barbaric third world dictatorship look humane compared to Canada.