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Thursday, July 5, 2012


Another title for this posting could be the last sentence in Luisa D'Amato's Opinion piece in today's Record namely "...CONSERVATIVES HAVE COME DOWN FROM THE HILLS TO SHOOT THE WOUNDED.". The actual title of her piece in today's Waterloo Region Record is "Labour unions might be some workers' sole protection". In the middle of her article she does clarify that "...unions are the only counterforce that protect workers in a global economy in which business interests hold almost all the cards.".

Regarding "shooting the wounded" Luisa points out that only 16% of private sector workers are unionized. Putting that differently 84% of private sector workers are non union. Ontario has the lowest rate of unionization in Canada with the exception of Alberta. Yet the Conservatives rather than blaming globalization, free trade or a race for the bottom in labour and environmental standards would rather take cheap shots at the few remaining unions left. They want to end the "Rand" formula relating to the paying of dues. This will merely exacerbate the complete and final end to private sector unions AND that is exactly what this is all about . Real Conservatives don't do labour work. They own and they manage and they have suceeded in shrinking the middle class and reducing equitable income distribution. But it isn't enough. They are greedy and they are stupid and they will continue to mould the economy for the benefit of the few while lying to the many. Canadian Conservatives, like U.S. Republicans are sucking up everything that isn't tied down. We've had class wars in North America before and it sure looks like these idiots want them again.

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