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Monday, August 29, 2016


Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys the following story titled : "Ontario's Naqvi wants to modernize justice system". Well there may be nothing wrong with a certain amount of modernization I would suggest that his opinion regarding making the system motre effective and user friendly is far more important than "modernization" and not necessarily the same thing at all.

Apparently the judicial system is stuck in a paper mode and simply not up to par with other government services when it comes to getting things done on-line. Personally while I believe in face to face applications, giving of assistance and direction; my experience is that the system does not respect any attempts by non-lawyers or non-professionals. Even phone conversations can be very helpful based upon the following considerations. Firstly are there enough operators available to answer phones promptly and secondly do they speak English versus legalese? Getting assistance from someone who is only capable of speaking in legal terms is unhelpful as is someone who is either ill informed or uninterested in actually helping you.

Our legal system is slow, cumbersome, ridiculously expensive, non transparent, self absorbed and user unfriendly to the extreme. It focuses on making judges and lawyers happy campers and seems to take offence with those who do not or cannot avail themselves of professional assistance.

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