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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Yesterday's Waterloo Region Record carried this story titled "Mom sues region, CAS over hair tests". It is unfortunate in our society that this is the only means of redress if such a thing even exists under the circumstances. The now discredited Motherisk Laboratory was responsible for children being involuntarily taken (stolen) from their parents allegedly because their mother was on drugs. It has since been determined that the protocols and processes used by Motherisk simply were "inadequate and unreliable".

These stolen children were then given to the Children's Aid Society who had them adopted. The children could not even have visits with their parents. Aboriginal Canadians had their children stolen (60's scoop & residential schools) and now we find that government once again acted as protectors and insulaters for criminal activity. Hiding behind the law for immoral, unethical and illegal behaviour does not make it legal despite the decisions of those assholes who purport to be acting in the public interest. Kudos to this woman and all others involved in the class action lawsuits. It is unfortunate that jail time is not on the agenda for the decision makers who so glibly hide behind junk science and government in order to have their way.

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