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Friday, March 15, 2013


Today's Woolwich Observer (dated tomorrow) on page 6 has this headline "Funny how a casino is starting to look good now".
Steve Kannon's Editorial points out that the very same cities which were against themselves and Woolwich getting a casino have now reversed themselves. Boy I'll tell you I'm actually kind of grateful for Todd Cowan and Woolwich Council voting in favour of a local casino. Don't get me wrong. If an activity is inappropriate in the first place, having it supervised, run and taxed by government doesn't take the stink away from the activity. It merely transfers it to the government in charge. In this case our provincial government as pointed out by Steve Kannon are addicted to gaming revenues. It's easy money for them. What Woolwich Council have clearly shown us is that Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge politicians are a pack of hypocrites. That would also apply to Regional Council whose members are from Kitchener, Waterloo., Cambridge and the Townships.

I wonder what Regional Chair Ken Seiling has to say right now after speaking against Woolwich getting a casino. Did he know that the three cities were just waiting in the wings for Woolwich to set the stage? I couldn't understand the politics that were going on and wondered what the heck the Region was doing meddling in a municipalitiy's business. All of a sudden whether you agree or disagree with Woolwich Council's decision; by comparison you at least have to admit they were more straightforward than Kitchener, Waterloo or Cambridge. I say that from the position of not being in favour of a casino in Woolwich or anywhere within the Region of Waterloo.

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  1. I would say that the article in the observer, which I also read, completely missed the point. All of the municipalities in Waterloo Region did not want a casino. Full Stop. Woolwich township, where I am a resident, wants to put the casino on their border. If this would have been me I would have went back to my council to discuss a response.

    Considering Woolwich had no intentions of sharing revenue early on (Mayor Cowan has reversed that recently) but yet dumping the casino mere kilometers from Kitchener or Waterloo would be presenting all the negatives of a casino without the positives. So I don't see the municipalities of Kitchener or Waterloo as hypocritical I seem them as legitimately concerned. Woolwich has opened a can of worms that the region wants to send back to the factory.