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Friday, March 8, 2013


O.K. I've got no problem criticizing either Canada's Correctional or Judicial Systems. They are incompetent, lazy, arrogant and pompous. Oh yes and way too expensive for either the taxpayers or people sucked into their orbit. Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys this story "Aboriginal corrections report shows "unaccetable racism". This report written by Howard Sapers, correctional investigator is highly critical of all aspects of our corrections system 's dealings with aboriginals.

I'll be honest here. I haven't read the report and I'm not particularily impressed with the reporter's write up in the Record. There are two facts that are indeed disturbing and they are that aboriginals make up 25% of all federal inmates. That is way higher than the percentage of aboriginals in Canada. Secondly this report alleges that these same aboriginals are left behind bars much longer than other inmates, allegedly for the similar crimes.

On the face of it, this Record article is underwhelming. Perhaps the actual report is riveting. I'm thinking that the reporter certainly hasn't read the report or they'd be much clearer about the alleged racism. One last comment however is that Howard Sapers is not an unknown name. He has been front and centre for several years in attempts to get the Ashley Smith inquest on track. He has also made clear over the years his dedication to getting the truth out and improving Canada's correctional services.

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