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Monday, March 18, 2013


Last Friday's Waterloo Region Record carrys a review on page C2 titled "Innocence lost, the guilty prevail". It is a horrific story and documentary which I've been advised is currently playing at the Princess Theatre in Waterloo. The State of Arkansas is the venue for a truly outrageous miscarriage of justice. Apparently this documentary "...West of Memphis is practically in a league of its own, exploring a sprawling story over the course of nearly two decades of how three teenaged boys-the West Memphis Three- were railroaded for a horrific crime they didn't commit.". The allegations include police incompetence and prosecutorial misconduct that is blatant. They include the fact that DNA evidence has uncovered another suspect and nothing to date has been done about that suspect. The three boys were released from jail in 2011 after eighteen years in jail each for multiple murders that none of them committed.

Exactly when will the public have enough of unaccountable and out of control justice systems? Whether police, courts themselves including judges or prosecutors clearly the process and procedures do not produce the truth. How is it remotely possible for any judge or jury to convict the wrong three individuals for a horrific multiple murder? Who invented the "evidence" to convict anyone beyond a reasonable doubt? Are the juries so blatantly incompetent that they can be talked into anything? Are the prosecutors so career oriented and focused on "winning" cases that NOTHING else matters? Are the judges so politically motivated and or influenced that their so called independence is illusory? When are both Canada and the United States going to wake up to the destruction of innocent lives as well as the disrepute that they are heaping upon their judicial systems with these beyond belief abortions of justice? Shame on the participants and shame on all the gutless politicians involved who have the power and authority needed to take on and restore a horribly broken system and haven't done it.

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