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Thursday, December 1, 2016


Well according to yesterday's Waterloo Region Record there will be an opportunity this evening from 6-8 pm. in the Aud's (Kitchener Auditorium) Subscriber Lounge for citizens to learn about and presumably also comment on the three different police oversight groups in Ontario. They are the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, the Ontario Civilian Police Commission and finally the Special Investigations Unit. Regular readers of this Blog will know of the many local instances of problems with the Waterloo Regional Police and some other forces. The Record's article is titled "Police Oversight Review comes to Kitchener". Keep in mind recently there was a fatal shooting of Beau Baker on Brybeck Cres. in Kitchener. There have been other fatal police shootings here in the past although I believe they were a little less controversial than the shooting of Mr. Baker. Of course there are a litany of other unresolved problems which I expect will remain exactly that way because our "authorities" have no interest in the alternatives. Normally I like to get involved in local issues for which I have an opinion but it is impossible to be involved in every issue, every time.

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