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Monday, December 12, 2016


Nineteen bullets fired at close range at one, unarmed individual whos' primary offence appeared to be he was defending his mother against multiple officers who were "wrestling " with her. Her immediate offence was "brandishing a saucepan". I swear to God that's the story in last Saturday's Waterloo Region Record. The son is dead albeit police missed with eight of their shots only hitting him with eleven bullets. The title of the Record story is "Woman struck by stray bullet sues Peel chief, others".

Meanwhile the eight missed shots hit walls and doorjambs of an apartment complex except for one which punctured a window and struck a young woman in the back. She has had surgery but in a recently filed civil suit, among many other allegations, states that she is currently walking with a cane, a year and a half after the shooting. Regardless of that civil suit the fact remains that police officers fired nineteen bullets in a residential area and missed with eight of them. Then of course is the somewhat awkward situation as to why they had to shoot a 22 year old man eleven times. Presuming they weren't firing BBs and more likely 9mm or .40 calibre bullets; there is no way eleven bullets isn't a mile beyond overkill. Oh and did I mention there was no mention in the article about the man being armed, even with a saucepan. WTF, why are we as citizens tolerating this crap?

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