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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


The December 7/16 Waterloo Region Record carries this story titled "Former coach hopes to bring harmony to school board". I think that's an absolute hoot. What decades ago I figured was a Mom and apple pie institution is no such thing. It is a monolithic, self-serving monstrosity which give lip service to educating children while taking good care of all the other players. Just look at the salaries for "administrators", staff, teachers and their unions.

Mr. Scott MacMillan is a first term trustee and similar to Sandy Shantz was appointed Chair in his first term. I guess that in a position that is all about appearances and where educational experience and expertise really aren't required; that is not a problem. Too many of these trustess are all about personal advancement, often to municipal, provincial and federal politics after they've gotten their name out there for the public to recognize. What a truly pathetic situation. Look around. It's right here in Woolwich, Kitchener-waterloo and Cambridge.

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