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Saturday, July 9, 2016


Apparently our authorities including Corrections Service Canada (CSC) are quite willing to expose themselves as being incompetent, uncaring, insensitive, negligent jerks. How else do you explain in the wake of the Ashley Smith scandal and death here at the women's prison in Kitchener yet another suicide by an inmate in solitary confinement? How do you explain the use of restraints for extended periods of time because officers allegedly could not control an inmate's behaviour? This was an inmate with demonstrated and proven mental health issues who was in serious need of ongoing psychiatric help not of physical abuse.

Yesterday's Waterloo Region Record carrys the story titled "Grand Valley prison scene of another death in solitary confinement". The inmate had already been identified in a report by chief correctional officer, Howard Sapers, as an inmate at high risk due to the use of solitary confinement. Top officials at both the CSC and in the federal cabinet need to be made accountable, up to and including criminal charges, when the law demands the protection and safety of citizens within our correctional systems (jails). This message clearly has not gotten through as perhaps our politicians would prefer to short budget these institutions while demanding impossible goals from top administrators. Perhaps guard and administration safety get the appropriate dollars while inmate safety is comprimised by underfunding. If you are going to throw people in jail then you must fund these institutions to be able to followthrough on humanitarian goals and requirements.


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  2. Not surprised another suicide gaurds dont care about inmates only there paychecks and ignoring inmates medical requests n needs .Seems the warden got transfered from a womens detention centre n promoted to mens institution at Gravenhurts on beaver creek road were several in mates have died under her suppervision one died after pleading for help cause was in severe pain after screaming for medical attention to gaurds many inmates were disgusted his dieing cries were ignored by gaurds but not inmates it showed them the warden dont care if youre sick n in pain or dieing my son who's there had a simple tooth infection that was ignored for months till his jaw got swollen cause now the infection spread to 2 teeth n his one side of jaw several inmates are now diseased under her suppervision as warden how many more are to follow seems transfering the female warden from womens jail in kitchener to Gravenhurts wasnt a good idea but thats how our system deals with cover ups transfer them promote them so they keep there mouths shut.Being promoted n transfered from one institution to another after she proved she doesnt care about inmates lives and more about her paycheck seems wrong to me inmates n few gaurds and im sure alot of canadains and inmates families who lost loved ones under her suppervision What A Go correctional servises n the stupid parole board who allows home invaders back in a city were they commit viliant offences sickens me n alot of people that a home invader can get out and allowed in kitchener at his fathers but the victom eho accidently kills a home invader usnt allowed back in kitchener area or his fathers home who lives outside of kitchener what a system seems our system is backwards and dont care as bout peoples safety to let repeat criminals or career criminals to be allowed back in a city were they robbed home invaded n date raped home invaders meaning deny n scott white scott white was a convicted pedophile and known criminal was allowed back in kitchener proof our system and equal rights n saftey for public is back wards