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Friday, July 22, 2016


1) Why now do I suddenly have to be the one who personally serves the Summons ordering Councillor Hahn to attend Provincial Court on August 31/16 in Kitchener?
2) Why did it take three in person trips down to the Superior Court (Intake Court) to get things accomplished?
3) Why did it take six trips last fall to get charges laid against Sandy Shantz for Municipal Election Act (MEA 1996)contraventions?
4) Why did the initial Justice of the Peace advise me (incorrctly) that citizens could not lay private charges under the MEA 1996?
5) Why did the Summons last fall send everyone to the incorrect court namely Superior Court?
6) Why do I have to spend my time and trouble making arrangements with the Waterloo Regional Police in regards to the serving of this latest Summons?
7) Why as part of question 3) was I initially given the wrong forms by Intake Court thus wasting more weeks?
8) Why does Intake Court only attend citizens for laying of charges, non-contact orders etc. only once a week?
9) Why can appointments with Justice's of the Peace not be made?
10) Why are the clerks and typists so apparently incompetent at Intake Court?
11) Why are the sign-up lists not followed in order when J.P.s are meeting with citizens?
12) Why is it necessary week in and week out to wait literally for four to five hours in order to spend ten-fifteen minutes with a J.P.?
13) How much of the above S.O.P. is absolutely mean, petty, intentional, .uck you very much taxpaying citizens?

Tell me one other business (other than education) which treats it's customers/clients so horrifically and disrespectfully?

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