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Monday, July 11, 2016


I would never have considered it possible until having read "Love Canal" by Richard S. Newman. (2016). Could our imbecilic Woolwich Township Councillors seriously be considering redeveloping the Chemtura Canada property and or the two farms to the east of this toxic waste site? Woolwich Council are proposing adding acreage to the Elmira Settlement Area on the east side of town as well as building a North-South Arterial road through the Stroh and Martin farms.

At Love Canal both local and state officials were talking about resettling the contaminated Love Canal almost the day after they had evacuated 500 families from the area. Dear Lord but they did this with political gamesmanship, psuedo science and most likely lots of payoffs of one kind or another (political favours, donations etc.?) to any appropriate folks who could stand in their way. Indeed Black Creek Village soon replaced Love Canal as the newest subdivision of Niagara Falls, U.S.A..

Not terribly surprisingly the lawsuits have started again as these new residents are now suing as they are developing health problems which they allege are caused by the former Love Canal dump. Of course the dump wasn't really remediated; it was simply hydraulically contained as per Uniroyal Chemical here in Elmira, Ontario. Funny coincidence but Conestoga Rovers & Associates are the same lead consultants on both sites.

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