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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys this Editorial by the Record titled "Another view: Employers must give cause for firing". What a pile of unadulterated horse manure. One they never have and two they never will. Employers love the absolute authority to let employees go at will and for a whim or less. There's always been more employees chasing jobs than the other way around and whenever there isn't the federal government just opens the immigration floodgates wider.

Employers have but a few proscribed reasons that they can not fire such as race, colour, gender and religion but even those are routinely contravened. Same thing with hiring. Also Ontario employers routinely let employees go for attitude alone. In other words when the employer starts barking jump woe to the employee who doesn't immediately say "Yes sir and how high!". As far as giving cause most employers simply lie when they let someone go. They've got a cousin who needs a job then let someone unconnected go. If an employee insists upon his legal rights under the Employment Standatrds Act then let him go and lie about the cause.

Finally the last line in the Editorial talks about ensuring that no employee can be unjustly fired. That happens every day of the week in this province. Again primarily attitude. Often simply insisting upon your legal rights is grounds for lots of employers to dismiss employees. Who the hell are the Record kidding? Have a union (and a strong one) if you think you have any rights at all in the workforce because otherwise you've got squat and that's exactly how employers and their lackey politician friends want it.

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