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Thursday, July 7, 2016


I wonder when politicians will ever admit that they are essentially ill informed, ill educated and grossly incompetent in all areas to which they wish to govern. Whether it be finances (City of Waterloo Rim Park scandal), Walkerton and Elmira (waterworks & hydrogeology) or the City of Niagara Falls U.S. (toxic waste dumps); their arrogance combined with stupidity seems to know no bounds.

Niagara Falls New York were advised both verbally and in writing, repeatedly, that building schools or homes on top of the old Love Canal which had been filled with chemical wastes from Hooker Chemicals was a very bad idea. Most councillors and Staff ignored the warnings. Indeed these warnings were included in the deed as well as explicitly advising that the City of Niagara Falls were assuming all liability for the Love Canal hazardous waste site when they bought it from Hooker Chemical. Bought it I might add for one dollar. Do you think that the price alone should have set off warning bells? It did with a few combined with the explicit transfer of liability to the City. The bulk of idiot school board and City officials apparently not.

Citizens you are being governed by indiviuals with no credentials, no integrity and no common sense. Their biggest skills are in lying and in getting elected. That's it folks!

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