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Friday, November 4, 2016


On Wednesday November 2/16 the Waterloo Region Record published the following story titled "LGBTQ suits: Ottawa "purged" workers". Boy it really makes government stand out doesn't it? This was in Canada which has an inaccurate world wide reputation for being decent, humanitarian and non aggressive to it's citizens. I can only imagine how bad other governments around the world are if Canada is seen as one of the best.

Apparently discrimination is O.K. as long as the majority are in favour of it. Racial discrimination thrived for centuries in the U.S.. Sexual orientation discrimination thrived and still does in various places around the world. Gender discrimination, religious and even body type discrimination continues. Body type as in fat shaming. How about personality discrimination? Activists face this all the time. You have to develop a thick skin when dealing with professional, corporate and government liars. Then unavoidably you become hardened and more quick to attack perceived criticisms and insults. You are less likely to believe in honest mistakes and more likely to pounce on perceived lies. Perhaps for those who have rarely been lied to in their lives trust is much easier. Those however who have dealt with professional liars for decades are much quicker to see and expect lies. Those who have been betrayed and back stabbed by "friends" are less likely to assume the best in people especially those they have not known for a very long time. Then the very same people who have lied to and deceived you are the first to complain that you've become hardened or less tolerant of other's failures. If you haven't become hardened you would have run for cover a very long time ago.

Apparently even after homosexuality was no longer a crime in Canada both the Canadian military and government were firing employees for their orientation. Talk about "leading" from the back of the bus. Talk about petty bureaucrats and their political masters circumventing the law. In fact nothing has changed. They till circumvent laws they don't like even as their behaviour harms Canadian citizens.

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