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Friday, November 18, 2016


Today's Waterloo Region Record carries an Opinion piece by Luisa D"Amato titled "Infighting over the multiplex is not doing Cambridge any favours". Generally I agree with Luisa's take on the situation rather than on the Record's Editorial today in favour of the ruling by Cambridge Council excluding fellow Councillor Jan Ligget from attending closed meetings of the Multiplex Committee. This latest issue is but a corollary of the manner in which Mayor Craig and several fellow councillors like to do business. That would be in secret, out of sight and with no messy input or criticism from citizen stakeholders.

Citizens rightly believe that this new rule by Mayor Craig and his cronies on Cambridge Council is all about excluding Councillor Ligget from these meetings so as to prevent her from being further informed and possibly better prepared to counter arguments at Council in favour of a multiplex sports facility being built in the wrong location. Jan Ligget has clearly and often shown her belief that Council must rule on behalf of as many members of the electorate as possible, not just the few. She helped lead the initial attack against the allegedly done deal of the complex being built at Conestoga College. It appears as if the Cambridge Council clique still have their noses out of joint about that. This is simple and nasty payback and does not help Cambridge citizens. Shame on the majority of Cambridge Council.

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