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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Twenty years ago I found a number of Waterloo Region District School Board Trustees to be weak, ineffective and incompetent. At the very same time I found a number of others to be concerned, honest and caring. However for senior management/administration overall I found them to be lying, corrupt self-serving toads. Names come back to me from long ago. Cec, Howard, Jim . I shudder with disgust as those names cross my mind. In hindsight it's hard to remember specific lies, although specific contemptible actions involving their lawyer "Surfer Boy" are flooding back. The basic memory is a pack of yellow, lying bullies hiding behind power and money. The money they freely used to harass parents via the legal system. The bullying included connections with senior Regional Police in order to arrest and harass parents standing up for their children. Just an overall pack of filth at the Board back then.

Nowadays who knows how bad they are? I do know it's difficult not to chuckle when I keep hearing that WRDSB trustees are acting like children. Even back in the early 2000s I recall the WRDSB being assailed over the Ron Archer scandal. Same characters, same behaviour. Defend the teacher no matter how ignorant, stupid or illegal their behaviour because afterall the Board needs to get along with the teachers' unions. Parents can always be charged or harassed via sympathetic and idiotic legal means bought and paid for by the very same parents taxes .

Well Luisa D'Amato has raked the WRDSB trustees over the coals yet again. Really hard to feel any sympathy for them. The title of her Opinion article is "High school drama-but from adults".

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