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Thursday, November 24, 2016


Well first off this makes me think of the imbalance in power and authority. I have to ask is the next progression in this line of thinking a Code of Conduct for battered wives? Afterall abusive husbands have rights to don't they? From their position of most likely superior physical power why shouldn't they impose their will, appropriate or otherwise, upon those with less power and physical authority? You get the point.

Then there is the blatant hypocrisy of the whole idea. Those most likely to abuse their authority and behave disrespectfully and rudely to other people are those with the power and authority in the first place. This perfectly describes our Woolwich Council and some of the truly ignorant behaviours they have demonstrated since late 2014. Cambridge Council sure seem to be attempting to blame the citizen victims with this latest step. Or is this simply a face saving device for Cambridge Councillors & Mayor who have been taking a public shellacking over the multiplex sports facility including their banning of their own Councillors at the private sportsplex committee meetings? All in all it appears to me that Cambridge Council are far more in need of a Code of Conduct as well as impartial and unbiased enforrcement of it. This article is in today's K-W Record.

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