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Monday, February 20, 2017


The Waterloo Region Record published the following story on February 17/17 titled "Judge apologizes to parents of girl left in "limbo" for years after flawed Motherisk drug test". Make no mistake the apology made by the Judge while grossly overdue and simply inadequate in that an apology alone can never undue the damage done; nevertheless was a good thing. Perhaps one of the very few good things the legal system has done in regards to the young girl and her parents. Basically the intervention of the child welfare system and the courts was an abomination. As with other parents, Children's Aid or whatever name they choose to use, stepped in and seized children or quoting the judge "wrongly apprehended" them. Furthermore the Judge "Justice Grant A. Campbell reveals how reliance on discredited hair testing from the Hospital for Sick Children's Motherisk laboratory contributed to a "perfect storm" of errors, incompetence ...and mistakes.". I have been recently advised that this is not the first scandal regarding Sick Kid's lab testing. I personally recall probably a couple of decades ago there was also a big scandal regarding Toronto's Centre for Forensic Sciences. Finally we must never forget the horrible years of asinine testimony from a so called world expert on pathology that resulted, again years after the fact, in reversals of convictions for child abuse and negligence.

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