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Friday, January 20, 2017


Well this no longer is even bizarre. It's now tottering on the absurd. I've been reporting here over the last five years plus, various issues, incidents, charges and more regarding primarily, although not solely, the Waterloo Regional Police. Today's Waterloo Regional Record carries this story titled "Waterloo Region police officer faces assault charges". This unnamed, to date. officer has been with the Waterloo Regional Police for seventeen years. Not exactly a rookie. The charges against him include assault, sexual assault and assault with a weapon. Dear Lord of all people under stress can we not even expect an experienced police officer to hold it together? Apparently not when we look at the long litany of nasty, stupid and criminal behaviour that our local police have indulged in over the last while. Is this a function of poor screening and hiring practices in the first place? Is this indicative of an organization that does not promote good much less legal behaviour? Is there a systemic problem with our local police or are other forces just as bad?

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