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Monday, January 2, 2017


Last Saturday's Globe & Mail carried the following story titled "Rising prison violence spurs lawsuits against Ottawa", written by Michael Tutton. Numerous lawsuits have been launched alleging federal and provincial facilities fail to meet basic constitutional and common law duties to keep prisoners safe from violence. The examples of assaults and beatings resulting in brain damage and other permanent injury are horrific. Federal inmate assaults upon each other hit 581 cases last year in Canada. One incident at the Elgin-Middlesex detention centre involved a guard advising a new inmate that other inmates were awaiting him to administer a beating. Clearly those in authority appear to be looking the other way in a number of these cases. Settled lawsuits unfortunately often come with non-disclosure clauses and the institution's culpability is swept under the carpet. After the fact medical aid, often longterm, can result from these in prison assaults. This medical aid is but one more cost borne by taxpayers due to negligence at our provincial and federal facilities.

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