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Saturday, March 4, 2017


So was the man shot with a taser first and then shot with a gun? Or in the alternative was the officer shot with a taser and then he responded with his service handgun? To say details are sketchy is an understatement. Then we find out that the man has been charged with "attempting to disarm a police officer". What the hell? Was this before or after he was shot with a taser? Was it before or after he was shot with a handgun? Which or both (assuming the taser was the police officer's) did he try to take away from the officer? Finally was the man now in hospital, impaired at the time of the incident? It seems as if that is somewhat sketchily implied with the inclusion of a 911 call fifteen minutes prior claiming an erratic driver at Belmont Avenue and Highland Road. It was fifteen minutes later that the accused was stopped on Lilac St at Ottawa Street.

Was the driver stopped at Lilac and Ottawa St. the same driver who allegedly was reported for erratic driving fifteen minutes earlier in a different location? Did the police get the right guy or the wrong guy? Was the officer over enthusiastic/aggressive or was the accused seriously behaving in a dangerous manner? We the public need to know what the hell happened here. Fortunately local police shootings are rare but they do happen and citizens do die because of it. Are our police officers appropriately trained to deescalate situations or do some of them go rogue and over react to any verbal disrespect or refusals to obey their orders? The article in today's Waterloo Region Record is titled "Man shot by officer is charged".

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