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Thursday, March 16, 2017


This is getting bizarre. Today's Waterloo Region Record advises us that Maurice Rivard has spent the last two weeks in St. Mary's hospital and then in the infirmary at Maplehurst Jail in Milton. He is the Cambridge man who was shot by a Waterloo Regional Police officer two weeks ago. He has been charged with attempting to disarm Const. Robert Prentice of the Waterloo Regional Police. We are not yet advised if he was allegedly attempting to take Const. Prentice's Taser (stun gun) from him or if he was trying to liberate the officer of his handgun.

Here's where it gets weird. Mr. Rivard has just been granted bail. He is out of custody and staying with family while recuperating. The provincial Special Investigations Unit is investigating the incident. I can't believe that bail was granted unless Mr. Rivard has a spotless or nearly spotless record. If that is the case then what the hell was going on that the officer felt the need to shoot Mr. Rivard in the torso? Mr. Rivard goes back to court on April 21/17. Somebody has screwed up badly here and I wonder exactly who. The title of today's Record article is "Man shot by police officer gets bail on birthday".

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