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Friday, March 17, 2017


Sure seems to me as well to be sending a message to the public from the justice system. Wealthy accused as well as wealthy convicted offenders are treated differently. Luisa D'Amato has pointed this out quite clearly in her Opinion piece of March 14/17 titled "Justice shouldn't have a price tag". Some of us I expect are basically denoted as potential raw materials, early on, for the grist mill known as the justice system. Whether it's people who don't walk away from an insult or disrespectful behaviour or others arrested for civil disobedience; our justice system is essentially deaf, dumb, blind and politically correct. Afterall who do you think hires, appoints and finances our judicial system? Well we pay for it albeit lying politicians do all the rest.

Luisa's article is about a young man who essentially through very bad behaviour was begging for jail time. He didn't get it because his parents had $65,000 to invest in him via the Betty Ford addiction treatment centre in Minnesota. Essentially the young man bought his way out of jail by spending 4 1/2 months in a beautiful rehab centre. Not exactly the Don Jail or the Kingston pen.

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