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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Phew that's a relief. Afterall what would we be teaching our children if it ever got out that our public school board did practice the dark arts of obfuscation, fictional fantasies, alternate facts and being truth challenged? It turns out according to today's Waterloo Region Record that the WRDSB simply practiced secrecy, errors of omission and keeping parents and trustees in the dark. Lying? Noooooo way!

The article on the front page of the Record is titled "School board secrecy amid Vimy turmoil". The sub-title is "FOI documents show board staff kept trustees and parents in dark on cancelled trip being revived". Well really who can blame the senior staff of the WRDSB? People misrepresent and fudge for very legitimate reasons. These include diminished expectations of being caught plus being powerful enough, via taxpayers money, to always have your legal team chomping at the bit sort of like a pit bull. Little or no transparency normally helps as does love. Yes you heard it here "love". Being able to love the Ontario Ministry of Education. Afterall doesn't love mean never having to say you're sorry? Isn't love the reverse of accountability? Having to answer for one's "communications failures" certainly isn't the same as having to answer for say lying for example. The latter is so old school. Our WRDSB are if anything up with the times. They are modern. Haven't they told us that over the years? Who wouldn't believe them?

I'm kind of spitballing here but I wonder if they could make more money by holding seminars for provincial ministries as well as for corporations facing adverse public relations. These seminars could assist say the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change in their dealings with Elmira, Ontario residents upset over their failures with the Canagagigue Creek. Similarily perhaps Chemtura Canada and their consultants could use a refresher course on keeping people in the dark. Yes they are already good at it but there's no shame in honing one's skills. Well done WRDSB. You have restored my faith in your basic ideals.

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